Attention NJ, MD and VT Pro-Lifers

March 30, 2012

Attention NJ, MD and VT Pro-Lifers

The National GOP Convention will be held in Tampa, FL Aug. 27 – 30, 2012.

YOUR state will be selecting its delegates very soon and we hope YOU will consider becoming a National Delegate from your state. DETAILS FOR EACH STATE ARE GIVEN AT THE END OF THIS POST. YOUR help is needed to be sure that the pro-life, pro-family and other conservative planks remain in our national Platform and perhaps ultimately even to select the Republican Presidential nominee!



The race for the Presidential nomination is NOT over and if, as many pundits predict, no candidate garners the 1,144 delegates needed prior to the National Convention, then the SECOND (or possibly even later) ballot may well be the one to decide who our nominee will be. Pro-life conservative and Virginia Eagle Morton Blackwell is the longest-serving member of the Republican National Committee and a member of its Rules Committee. He recently explained how this might happen.

Other recent articles from D.C. newspapers agree that the nomination is NOT “sewn up” by any candidate yet.

As shown in these articles, the majority of delegates, who are only bound for the first ballot, may vote for a different candidate on those crucial second or later ballots. That is why it is so important either to run for a delegate spot yourself, or support and help elect delegates who will vote for the strongest pro-life, pro-family nominee on the second ballot and who is pledged to uphold the pro-life, pro-family and other conservative planks in the national Republican platform, NO MATTER WHO THE EVENTUAL GOP NOMINEE IS!

New Jersey – Monday, April 2
Maryland – Saturday, April 14
Vermont – Monday, April 30


NJIf You Plan To Run For New Jersey
National Delegate, You Must File Immediately!

New Jersey’s 36 Congressional District and 11 At Large delegates are elected directly on the ballot in the June 5 Primary. The deadline to file to be on that ballot as a CD national delegate candidate is 4 p.m. on Monday, April 2. All NJ delegates are bound only for one ballot.

As a resident of the Congressional District, if you wish to run for National Delegate, you must obtain 100 signatures from other CD residents. Full directions are here.

MDMaryland Filing Deadline is
April 14 for At-Large Delegates

Maryland’s 24 Congressional District delegates will be elected in the April 3 Primary. Please evaluate the candidates in your CD and support the ones who most reflect pro-life, pro-family values and who support the Presidential candidate of your choice.

Additionally, there will be 10 At-Large delegates selected at the Maryland State Convention on April 28. Candidates for National Delegate must get at least one signature each from 3 different GOP Central Committees to be considered at the State convention. Deadline to file for the At-Large spots is April 14. For more information, contact the Maryland GOP at 410/263-2125. Maryland delegates are bound for two ballots.

VTVermont Filing Deadline is April 30

In its March 6 Super Tuesday Primary, Vermont voters gave 9 delegates to Gov. Romney and 4 each to Sen. Santorum and Cong. Paul. These delegates are bound only for the first ballot at the National convention. The actual delegates will be named at the State Convention on June 19th. To be considered for one of the delegate spots, you must file by April 30th using both 25 signatures and a $10 filing fee. Full details are provided here.

Please let us know if you plan to run for National Delegate from your state: [email protected] or call me at 940/498-2407 if you have any questions.

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