Pro-Life Bills that Texas Pro-Lifers Should Support

April 16, 2013

Pro-Life Bills that Texas Pro-Lifers Should Support

TX State CapitolThere are several important pro-life bills that Texas pro-lifers should urge their state Senators and Representatives to support.

Here are the six bills we are supporting:

Surgical Standards for Abortuaries SB 537 by Campbell

This bill will prevent “house of horrors” situations as we have been learning about in Philadelphia and other abortuaries. See news report here: CBS This Morning: Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial sparks political firestorm. This bill will require abortion facilities to meet the same cleanliness and other medical standards as other ambulatory surgical centers must now meet. This common-sense measure, which will protect women from dangerous and unsanitary practices, is nonetheless opposed by abortionists such as Planned Parenthood.

30 mile ruleThirty Mile Rule HB 2816 by Burkett / SB 1198 by Taylor

This bill requires abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of each facility at which he/she commits abortions. In case of medical emergency (which happens more often that the abortion industry likes to admit) the woman’s health is much more likely to be protected with a nearby hospital.

Fetal Pain HB 2364 by Laubenberg / SB 25 by Hegar

This legislation, which prohibits abortions after 20 weeks gestation,  is strongly supported by Gov. Rick Perry and is similar to bills passed by several other states based upon the baby being pain-capable at that point of development. The bill not only will save babies’ lives, but is an excellent public relations tool to help educate about the barbaric techniques of ending  pre-born children’s lives. The pro-aborts hate this kind of bill since it shows the cruelty of abortion.

Abortion Insurance Coverage HB 997 by Smithee

health insuranceTexans will have the option of not paying for elective abortion coverage in ObamaCare under this legislation. It has already had a public hearing and has been sent to the Calendars Committee. Contact the members of the Calendars Committee and ask them to move this bill to the full House here.

Closing Judicial Bypass Loopholes HB 3302 by Krause

Currently pregnant minors can petition a judge for permission to undergo a secret abortion without parental knowledge or consent. Some judges are known to be more likely to grant these secret abortions than others, and so venue shopping occurs even to the extent of traveling to courts many miles removed from the minor’s home county. This bill prohibits that kind of venue shopping and also addresses other loopholes.

Medical Advance Directives SB 675 by Hancock and companion HB 1539 by Perry and Turner

This end-of-life bill will require hospitals and doctors to follow the advance directives of patients and also to continue to provide care for such patients until such time as a transfer for the patient can be arranged to another facility which will honor the advance directives. These end-of-life issues must be addressed to truly have pro-life legislation in place for this end of the life spectrum.

Act NowPlease contact your State Senator and Representative and ask them to support the bills above. Don’t know who represents you?

You can find out your senator and representative here, and you can call any legislator through the Capitol switchboard at 512.463.4630

You can follow the progress of any bill in the Texas legislature here.

Thank you for your help!