2012 Pro-life Republican Convention Resolutions

2012 Pro-life Republican Convention Resolutions

Republican precinct, county/district and state conventions are fast approaching. Grassroots pro-life and pro-family Republicans will once again have an opportunity to offer pro-life platform resolutions at their local and state conventions.  The principles contained in resolutions passed at the local and state levels are intended to form the basis for those adopted by the Platform Committee at the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa, Florida, August 27- 30, 2012.

These resolutions also may be used to determine who is chosen to represent you as Delegate/Alternates to the Republican National Convention. Candidates for Delegate/Alternate should commit to support and argue in favor of these principles at the National Convention before pro-lifers commit to vote for them.

We offer for your consideration the following pro-life resolutions to be introduced at precinct, county/district, and state conventions of the Republican Party. It is best to present each resolution separately and to bring several copies of each resolution to the convention you will be attending.

Because of the multitude of public policy issues related to human life that have arisen within the scientific and medical communities, particularly with respect to reproductive technologies and experimentation on human subjects, we are including resolutions that relate to embryonic stem cell experiments, human cloning, and fetal tissue experiments.

Of course, there is always the possibility that, at some conventions, these resolutions could be defeated.  Please do not be discouraged if that happens. There is great educational value in simply reading them aloud to the Delegates, so that people can listen and learn.  Many more conventions will pass them, resulting in greater attention being paid to these critical issues at the national level.


  1. Re-Affirming the Fundamental Right to Life
  2. Ban the Cloning of Human Beings
  3. Ban Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  4. Ban the Use of Aborted Babies in Fetal Tissue Experiments
  5. Repeal ObamaCare Legislation