Which candidates are pro-life?


August 2, 2010
Four Primaries To Be Held This Week, More Next Week

Tuesday is the day for Kansas, Michigan and Missouri, while Tennessee will hold its election on Thursday. Including these states, August is Primary month for 13 states, plus two runoffs. (See June 2010 RNC for Life Report for exact dates.)

Next week, Colorado, Connecticut and Minnesota will hold their primaries and Georgia will have its runoff on Tuesday, August 10th.

Many candidates for these and other upcoming primaries have responded to our questionnaire. To see their responses and the RNC for Life endorsements which have been made so far, click here, or visit our website www.rnclife.org and click on "Which candidates are pro-life?" at the top of any page. As we receive other responses, we will post them.

GOP Turncoats On Kagan Nomination Rise To Four

In order to ram through leftist Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court just prior to the Senate's August adjournment, hearings will be held quickly this week. Kagan, who favors even gruesome partial-birth abortions, is expected to be confirmed, shamefully including votes from some rogue Republicans. At last count, four GOP senators have said they will be supporting the nomination of the radical liberal activist, who, if confirmed can be expected to sit on the highest court in the land for 30 to 40 years. Sens. Collins and Snowe (ME), Lugar (IN) and Graham (SC) will be defecting to the Democrats rather than standing with the other Republican Senators in trying every means possible to stop or slow down the nomination. Kagan's likely confirmation clearly shows the critical need to elect more REAL Republicans to the U.S. Senate in November. Check the polls below to see how some pro-life Senate candidates are doing.

Polls for U.S. Senate Races Show Several Surprises

Recent Rasmussen polls show some encouraging trends for pro-life candidates. The Republican candidates are listed first. But the fall elections still are three months away and these races could go either way. Many could use financial support for their challenges, and your donation to the RNC-Life PAC can enable us to help their campaigns. Please donate It's our best chance in decades to make significant gains for the pro-life, pro-family movement. Please help us help pro-life candidates!

July 14 poll: Carly Fiorina 42% Barbara Boxer 49%
Fiorina is showing surprising strength against the ultra-liberal three-term senator.

July 22 poll: Marco Rubio 35% Kendrick Meek 20% Charlie Crist 33%
Though the FL Primary isn't for another three weeks, this polls shows voters' preferences in the general election with the likely GOP and Dem candidates against former Republican, now Independent candidate, Crist. Too close for comfort!

July 21 poll: Rand Paul 49% Jack Conway 41%
Dr. Paul is riding a wave of tea party and anti-Washington D.C. sentiment.

July 29 poll: Roy Blunt 49% Robin Carnahan 43%
Cong. Blunt is the probable GOP nominee against probable Dem. candidate Carnahan who is Secretary of State.

July 28 poll: Sharron Angle 43% Harry Reid 45%
Angle's early lead after her upset win in the Primary has vanished as Reid begins his attack ads funded by his personal fortune and amassed war chest. Angle needs funding to offset and recover from these media onslaughts.

July 20 poll: Rob Portman 45% Lee Fisher 39%
GOP Sen.Voinovich is retiring, leaving an open seat which could be a "keeper" for Republicans. Margins have been steady in this range.

July 29 poll: Pat Toomey 44% Joe Sestak 38%
Toomey is in a close race with the Democrat who beat GOP-turned-Dem Senator Arlen Specter.

July 29 poll: Ron Johnson 48% Russ Feingold 46%
The Wisconsin Primary is in mid-September, but this interesting data shows that if Johnson, a Tea Party Republican, is the GOP nominee, he can beat three-term Democrat incumbent Sen. Feingold.

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