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August 17, 2010
Pro-Abortion Democrats On Defensive In Pennsylvania

Reminding voters and "pro-life" Democrats who supported Obamacare that "Votes Have Consequences," the Susan B. Anthony List has been conducting a bus tour of swing districts protesting "anti-abortion" Dems who helped pass Obamacare after pledging to vote against it. Not surprisingly, the Democrats who voted for the bill are on the defensive, as the SBA List (which supports pro-life female candidates) goes on the offense to remind voters to turn out the turncoats!

What is surprising, however, is that a protest of the pro-life rally was organized by Catholics United, a pro-abortion group masquerading as a pro-life group. Catholics United and its sister group, Catholics in Alliance, are funded by pro-abortion activist and billionaire, George Soros. The directors of the two groups have held leadership positions in unions and with radical pro-abortion Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

The protestors attempted to disrupt the event by yelling while local pro-life activists were speaking. However, pro-life activists outnumbered the protestors. More such protests are expected, which simply proves that the pro-life "Votes Have Consequences" rallies are effective. Former Republican Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4th) is one of the tour's main speakers.

Our Tax Dollars Helped Kenyans Vote To Legalize Abortion

As reported in a recent E-Notes, the African nation of Kenya voted on August 4 for a new constitution, which included legalizing abortion in that country for the first time. The World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs reports that the pro-abortion constitution passed with about 67% of the vote, despite the fact that a March opinion poll showed 69% of Kenyans oppose legalized abortion while only 9% support it.

The Obama administration is reported to have spent upwards of $30 million to secure passage of the abortion amendment. "On the one hand, that's hardly surprising for the most pro-abortion administration in history," Jacobs observed. "But it was also in direct violation of federal law, which prohibits aid spending to influence foreign elections." Congressional investigation, anyone?

Washington, Wyoming Primaries Tuesday

Tuesday is Primary Election day in both Washington state and Wyoming. RNC for Life has endorsed a strong pro-life candidate, John Koster, for Congress in Washington's 2nd district. Koster is a third-generation dairy farmer who ran for Congress in 2000, narrowly losing to the Democrat incumbent. Washington's Primary is different from most states in that while individuals file and indicate a preference for a certain political party, there is no "party primary" and the top two vote getters in each race move on to the November General Election regardless of party preference. Another "quirk" in Washington state's process is that there are no polls open on Election Day, except in one county (Pierce) — all other counties vote with mail-in ballots. This will be an interesting race to watch for several reasons.

Michigan's Dr. Benishek Wins Without Recount!

Dr. Dan Benishek As reported in last week's E-Notes, one of our endorsed candidates, Dr. Dan Benishek, was leading in the GOP Primary by only a few votes to replace Dem. Bart Stupak. There were several reporting errors discovered, and the final tally put Dr. Benishek over his opponent by some 15 votes. The other GOP candidate has decided not to ask for a recount, instead endorsing Dr. Benishek against a liberal Democrat in the November election. Wouldn't it be great to replace Stupak with a REAL pro-life congressman who won't cave on the issue when confronted with Presidential pressure?

Other August Primaries On The 24th And 28th

Closing out the month will be five more Primary Elections: Alaska, Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma's runoff on Tuesday, August 24, and Louisiana on Saturday, August 28th. Check our PAC listings at www.rnclife.org for ratings of candidates who returned our questionnaires and our endorsements in those states. We're on our way to the 40+ needed to take back the U.S. House and these primaries will be determining our candidates.

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