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August 23, 2010
Judge Rules in Favor of Girl in Pro-Life Shirt Case

Abortion A federal judge in Fresno has ruled against a Merced County elementary school for barring a student from wearing a T-shirt with an anti-abortion message, according to The Business Journal.

On April 29, 2008, designated as National Pro-Life Tee Shirt Day, the student came to McSwain Elementary School in Merced, CA wearing a shirt with an image on her shirt similar to the one shown at the left. After being taken to the assistant principal's office, she was told to remove the shirt and never to wear it again to school because it violated the school's dress code.

The girl's mother filed suit against the school in December of 2008, and last week, the judge entered a judgment in favor of the plaintiff which awards $50,000 for violation of the girl's First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Last Primaries of August on Tuesday and Saturday

Vote Five states will hold their Primaries this week: Florida, Arizona, Vermont and Alaska on Tuesday, and Louisiana on Saturday. Additionally, Oklahoma will hold its run-off election on Tuesday. RNC for Life has endorsed candidates in some of these races; check our Candidate Ratings using the PAC button on our website: www.rnclife.org.

Several states, including Florida and Arizona, have "winner-take-all" Primaries. These elections have no runoffs, even if the top candidate does not get a majority of votes cast, so the winners will be the GOP nominees in November, even with as little as 15% - 20% of the votes in some cases. Vermont's Primary is two weeks earlier than in previous years, changed from the second Tuesday in September to the fourth Tuesday in August. This was done to comply with federal law requiring states to allow plenty of time for out-or-state residents to mail in votes between the Primary and General Elections. Louisiana will have its runoff (likely to be needed due to large number of candidates) on October 2. September will see the last of the Primaries taking place in nine states.

Adult Stem Cells Heal Nearly 100 Blind Patients

eye In yet another stunning success with adult — not embryonic — stem cells, Italian researchers have reported that dozens of patients who had suffered severe eye damage or even blindness due to caustic chemical exposure have had their sight restored after transplants of their own stem cells. Of the 107 eyes which were treated, 82 had sight completely restored, and 14 others regained partial sight. One man whose eye damage was from 60 years before now has near-normal vision. The benefits of such stem cell transplants have lasted up to a decade so far. This medical break-through offers hope for the thousands of people each year who suffer chemical corneal burns from heavy-duty cleaners or other caustic substances.

While embryonic stem cells require the killing of a human embryo to harvest them, adult stem cells present no such moral and ethical issues. Additionally, ALL of the successes with stem cells, such as treatment of leukemia and sickle cell anemia, have used adult stem cells.

You Are Invited to a Citizen Leadership Conference

You are cordially invited and urged to attend this year's Eagle Council in St. Louis from 2:00 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 10 until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11. There are only a few spots left, and with the 2010 elections being one of the most important in our lifetime, this is the time to get connected, energized, and engaged. On Sunday, Sept. 12, you can join the St. Louis 9-12 Tea Party under the Gateway Arch from Noon to 4:00 p.m.!

Eagle Council is "special" because the people who attend are more important than the speakers, although the speakers are outstanding. This annual conference is a rare opportunity to associate with your peers from all over the country, women and men who share your hopes and your challenges, and with whom you can network to plan future victories for our conservative pro-family cause.

Special pre-conference registration/meals fee of $169 runs through Monday, August 23. Only $80 without meals! MORE INFO AND REGISTER HERE

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