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August 30, 2010
Federal Judge Stops Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding

One of the first things that President Obama did upon taking office was to rescind President Bush's Executive Order forbidding embryonic stem cell research on any new stem cell lines. This opened the floodgates of federal dollars going to such research which kills the embryonic baby in order to remove the stem cells. But last week, all that changed with a surprise ruling from a federal judge.

Citing the Dickey-Wicker Amendment, an annual budget rider which prohibits federal tax dollars from being used for research involving embryonic stem cells, Chief Judge Royce Lamberth for the District of Columbia handed down a ruling which effectively blocks further federally-funded embryonic stem cell research. While pro-lifers rejoice at the ruling, it may not be a permanent solution as the decision is sure to be appealed by Obama's pro-abortion administration. Also, the current Congress could repeal the Amendment.

Some pro-life organizations, such as the BioEthics Defense Fund, are suggesting that the individual states should pass legislation which forbids embryonic research and human cloning, similar to a BDF-drafted bill recently passed in Arizona. Watch for the next issue of the RNC for Life Report which will contain a more complete analysis of the status of federally-funded embryonic stem cell research. Click here to subscribe to the Report

Several Other August Pro-Life Victories

August has been a bellwether month for pro-life and conservative issues, particularly in the area of Obamcare which many pro-life organizations feel will allow tax funded abortions. In Missouri, an overwhelming 71% of voters approved a referendum to invalidate any Obamacare mandate that would force individuals to buy health insurance. That same week, a federal judge in Virginia ruled that the state may proceed with its lawsuit to overturn Obamacare's mandate on individuals to buy insurance.

In another stunning victory, Alaska voters by a 55% majority approved a ballot measure which would require parental notification before a minor girl could obtain an abortion. This measure, which allows parental involvement in a life-altering decision, helped to drive pro-life voters to the Primary Election polls and produced an unexpected defeat to the incumbent U.S. Senator, pro-abortion RINO Lisa Murkowski, who apparently has been defeated by her pro-life challenger JOE MILLER. (In fact, more votes were cast for the ballot initiative than for either of the Republican candidates.) The final tally won't be known until the first week in September when the overseas and absentee ballots are received and counted. Using these kinds of ballot measures is proving to be an effective way to bring conservative, pro-life voters to the polls.

FL, MI, MN, WA Pro-Life House Candidates Score Victories

RNC for Life endorsed challenger Congressional candidates in several states were successful in their recent Primary Elections. DANIEL WEBSTER (CD 8) and SANDY ADAMS (CD 24) were among the GOP winners in the Sunshine state's recent Primary Election. Minnesota's TERESA COLLETT (CD 4) and LEE BYBERG (CD 7) will carry the GOP banner in November. In Michigan, ROCKY RACZKOWSKI (CD 9) and DR. DAN BENISHEK (CD 1) also were endorsed by RNC for Life and won their primaries. Dr. Benishek's district is the one that has been represented by cave-in Democrat Bart Stupak. In Washington state, JOHN KOSTER placed second in that state's qualifying Primary and so will face the Democrat incumbent in November where the top two Primary vote-getters are on the ballot.

Now it's up to us — pro-life activists from all across the country — to help elect these strong pro-life candidates who are waging very winnable campaigns to unseat pro-abortion Dems. Please consider making a donation to the RNC for Life PAC so that we can help fund these and other strong candidates' campaigns in these critical 60 days prior to the November 2 election.

Check our website www.rnclife.org to see our other endorsements in dozens of races. There are still several primaries to be held in September, including Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin on September 14th and Hawaii on the 18th. As we continue to receive candidates' responses, they will be posted on the website so that the 100% pro-life candidates can be identified and supported.

Pro-Life Republicans Also Surge In Key Senate Races

There are many signs of pro-life Republican U.S. Senate victories in November, such as MARCO RUBIO's strong showing in the Florida Primary, and the Democrats' selection of a radical pro-abortion candidate. Polls there indicate that Rubio is currently favored over both the Democrat and the turncoat Independent Charlie Crist. Other recent Rasmussen polls indicate that the GOP could take Democratic-held Senate seats in three states — Indiana (DAN COATS), North Dakota (JOHN HOEVEN) and Arkansas (JOHN BOOZMAN). Two others states are leaning Republican — Delaware (Sept. 14 Primary) and Pennsylvania. Rasmussen notes that no Republican seats appear to be headed for the Democratic column.

Arkansas Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln is the only incumbent senator in these races who is currently projected to lose a seat as she trails in current polling. The others are open-seat races following retirements by Democratic incumbents, with the exception of Pennsylvania, where incumbent (and former RINO) Arlen Specter was defeated in the state's Democratic Primary and Republican PAT TOOMEY is running strong.

There are two open seats among the five Democratic seats which Rasmussen puts into the Toss-Up category — Colorado (KEN BUCK) and Illinois (MARK KIRK). The Democratic incumbents in the Toss-Up category are Harry Reid of Nevada where SHARRON ANGLE is neck-and-neck with him the polls; Russ Feingold of Wisconsin who is polling barely ahead of challenger RON JOHNSON; and Barbara Boxer of California who polls show leads CARLY FIORINA by just a few points.

If Republicans do win these contests, the Senate could be split 51-49 but still under Democrat control. This close split would, however, make it much easier for the pro-life caucus in the Senate to stop the President's pro-abortion agenda and any future Supreme Court nominees. And that would certainly lay the groundwork for electing a pro-life President in 2012 and virtually paralyze the Obama abortion agenda during the next two years. Moreover, if Sharron Angle unseats Harry Reid, the Dem Senators will have to select someone else to push their socialist, pro-abortion agenda!

Texas Capital City Attacks Pregnancy Resource Centers

Austin, Texas is widely recognized as the conservative Lone Star state's most liberal city, whose slogan is "Keep Austin Weird". Still, it was shocking to learn that Pregnancy Resource Centers in Austin are now required to post signs at their entrances stating that they do not provide or refer for abortions or birth control. The Austin City Council unanimously passed this requirement without any corresponding requirement for abortion facilities to post signs listing services which they do not provide.

According to Liberty Institute, which is prepared to defend the Centers if the law is enforced, the National Abortion Rights League (NARAL) was pushing the ordinance. A similar law is in effect in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently being challenged in court. These ordinances demonstrate the importance of even city elections to the pro-life cause.

"This pro-abortion, political effort by the City Council and NARAL is an outrageous example of out of control government," said Jonathan Saenz, Director of Legislative Affairs at Liberty Institute. "Why is the City of Austin so hostile to the needs of pregnant women served by charitable pregnancy centers?" Perhaps the city's slogan provides the answer!

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