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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]December 27, 2010

You Can Help Question RNC Chair Candidates

Republican National Committee The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is not merely a figurehead, but sets the tone for Republican campaigns and candidates nationwide and will play a critical role in helping to lead the campaign to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. Pro-lifers believe that the Chairman also must be able to articulate the pro-life message, and be ready to work with the pro-life movement and its leaders to advance pro-life laws.

Many have been disappointed in the current Chairman, Michael Steele, who is personally pro-life but has said that women should continue to have the "right" to choose abortions (see his 2009 interview with GQ Magazine). And one of the five challengers to Steele has been a long-time supporter of pro-abortion candidates and causes. (See following story for complete details.)

A debate among the RNC Chairman candidates has been scheduled for next week and your input is encouraged. You can see more details about the debate, submit potential questions and vote on the questions that will be asked at www.RNCDebate.org. This is your chance to help determine the very best criteria to select the next RNC Chairman.

DATE: Monday, Jan. 3

WHEN: 1 PM (East Coast time, Noon Central Time)

WHERE: Watch live at www.C-SPAN.org or at www.DailyCaller.com

To submit a question or vote on questions others have submitted, follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the FREE registration at www.RNCdebate.org by entering your email and creating a password. (Your email will not be used for any other purpose — just to log in.)
  2. Check your email for a return email and confirm your account.
  3. Hit the "up" symbol to vote for pro-life questions which you support.
  4. Also vote on other questions which reflect concerns you have regarding the RNC, if you wish to do so.

Don't forget that after registering, your must check your email to confirm your account before voting. And after watching the debate, be sure to let your RNC representatives (State GOP Chair and National Committee Man and Woman on your state's GOP website) know which candidate(s) you support. Let's do our part to be sure that the next RNC Chairman is truly and unashamedly pro-life!

Is RNC Chair Candidate Cino Pro-Abortion, Out-of-Step with Platform?

Pro-Life Whether fund-raising ability or true pro-life conservative principles is more important to the future of the Republican National Committee will be decided in a matter of weeks when 168-member votes on January 14 for Chairman of the RNC.

While four candidates for the position of RNC chairman (Saul Anuzis , Gentry Collins, Reince Priebus, and Ann Wagner) unequivocally say they are pro-life, Republican activist Maria Cino is not pro-life, according to LifeNews.com. Current chairman Michael Steele is personally pro-life but has concerned pro-lifers due to his past support of "a woman's right to choose."

Cino served on the board of directors of the pro-abortion Republican group WISH List, a Republican counterpart to the pro-abortion Democratic Emily's List, that seeks to elect female candidates who support abortion and continued to support the group financially after her tenure on the board. Her recent $1,000 donation to the campaign of pro-abortion Republican Delaware Senate candidate Mike Castle, who was taking on pro-life candidate Christine O'Donnell at the time, raises additional concerns.

Meanwhile, Dan Riehl of the Big Government web site indicates that Cino lobbied for the pharmaceutical industry which supported ObamaCare and which pro-lifers believe allows taxpayer funding of abortions, though she now says she is "in favor of upholding the culture of life." Riehl also notes that Cino skipped an event for RNC chairman candidates sponsored by a conservative group in order to attend a fundraiser for her campaign hosted by pro-abortion Republican strategist Mary Matalin.

In addition to being the only candidate with no experience on the RNC, Cino's history of supporting abortion is in contrast to the pro-life stances other candidates took in recent interviews with a pro-life organization.

"I believe, absolutely, that life begins at the moments of conception," Wisconsin Republican Chairman Reince Priebus said. "It's a core principle of mine."

According to a Politico report, former Republican Party political director Gentry Collins continued his criticism of Steele, arguing that a stronger RNC will be better able to support anti-abortion candidates, noting, "I am pro-life. My wife and I are devoutly Catholic."

Former Michigan state GOP chairman Saul Anuzis pointed to his past support of anti-abortion groups during his time as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Anuzis said, as a Catholic, he believes human life "begins at conception and ends at natural death."

Former Missouri GOP Chair Ann Wagner said being pro-life was "part of the fabric of who I am," adding, "It's how I was raised."

Conservative pro-life groups plan to mobilize half a million activists to lobby voting members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) to elect a pro-life chairman in the January 14 voting. (See first story for details on how to help in this effort.)

Having a strong, pro-life conservative as the RNC Chairman is crucial to the effort to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama in 2012 since the Chairman will head the party's fundraising and voter turnout efforts that could make the difference in the outcome of the race.

Abortions Remain Prohibited at U.S. Military Bases Worldwide

military In a welcome pro-life victory last Wednesday, prior to adjourning for Christmas, the Senate passed by unanimous consent the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 (H.R. 6523) with an amendment. The House then also passed by unanimous consent H.R. 6523, as amended, and the bill went to the President for his signature. As was the case with the version of H.R. 6523 considered by the House last week, the amended H.R. 6523 continues to leave current pro-life laws in place and does NOT contain an amendment authored by Roland Burris (D-IL) which, if enacted, would have permitted the performance of abortions in both domestic and overseas military facilities.

In summary, current law prohibits the performance of abortion at Department of Defense medical facilities either domestically or abroad, except when the life of the mother is at risk or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. A separate provision prohibits the use of DOD funds for abortion except to save the life of the mother.

European Court Rules on Ireland Abortion Law

Ireland Pro-lifers scored another huge victory recently, as the European Court of Human Rights has ruled on a key abortion case, saying that abortion is NOT a human right for women. The Irish law bans most abortions with exceptions only for the life of the mother. Women who traveled to England for abortions claim they were denied their rights because the Irish pro-life law requires them to travel out of the country for abortions.

This ruling affects not only the abortion law in Ireland but also could have an affect on the rest of Europe, as other European countries are under the same Court's jurisdiction. Sure, and wouldn't St. Patrick be pleased with that!

More updates on Life issues around the world in the upcoming issue of RNC for Life Report, click here to subscribe.

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