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July 7, 2010
Independent Voters Prefer Republicans to Democrats in Congressional Races

Good news for the pro-life movement as we seek to defeat abortion advocates and replace them with pro-life legislators in Washington!

Pro-life Republican candidates should win in November with the support of independent voters, according to a recent Gallup poll. The poll found that since March, independent registered voters have consistently preferred the GOP candidates to the Democrats, by a 45% to 35% margin. This data is the result of more than 6000 interviews with registered voters each month and is particularly important because, according to Gallup, as is often the case, independents will determine the outcome of the 2010 Congressional elections.

Although the pro-life movement as a whole supports pro-life candidates of either political party, with pro-abortion Democrats bringing a massive health care bill that funds abortions and preventing votes on pro-life amendments and legislation, electing Republicans provides the best hope for unborn children at this time. RNC for Life is currently identifying those Republican Congressional candidates who are 100% pro-life. Those results will be posted soon on our website: www.rnclife.org.

MN Abortion Rate Declines for Third Straight Year

Congratulations to Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life and the state's other pro-life organizations. The Positive Alternatives program, one of several pro-life legislative efforts by MCCL, offers women life-affirming alternatives to abortion and is significantly reducing the number of unborn babies aborted each year. In fact, the 2009 abortion total is the lowest number on record since 1975, a dramatic historic drop.

The latest report issued by the Minnesota Department of Health reveals that the decrease is part of a three-year trend of fewer abortions statewide since the Positive Alternatives program was funded by the Legislature in 2005. Though very pleased with these results MCCL Director Scott Fischbach told LifeNews.com, "Even so, the fact that so many pregnant women last year believed that abortion was their only option remains a tragedy. The fact that thousands of pregnant women last year still believed that abortion was their only option underscores the enormous need for women to find alternatives to abortion."

Kagan Lied — Babies Died

Recently released memos from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to President Bill Clinton when she served in the Clinton White House show an absolute commitment to the pro-abortion mentality, even to the point of manipulating medical association statements in order to convey a totally opposite opinion than the authors intended and pressuring another medical group into changing its view on the partial-birth abortion procedure.

During the heat of the debate in the 1990s, President Clinton was determined to veto the legislation which would have banned partial birth abortions, a procedure that involves the partial birth of an unborn child and the gruesome destruction of the baby's life by jabbing medical scissors into its skull, unless the bill contained a health exception for women. However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said an expert panel it commissioned could find no medical reason why the partial-birth abortion procedure would ever be used to protect a woman's life or health. Still she offered Clinton, who was trying to placate the Democrat pro-aborts, "political cover" as Kagan suggested manipulating the report and using the wording that a partial birth abortion"may be the best or most appropriate" option so that it would appear to the less-informed that there indeed were times when the partial-birth abortion was necessary to save the life or physical health of the woman.

Furthermore, Kagan discussed with other Clinton administration officials how the American Medical Association might be persuaded to reverse its policy which also said that there is not an identified situation in which partial-birth abortion is the only appropriate method of abortion. The AMA additionally had noted ethical concerns with partial-birth abortions.

Lamenting how pro-life advocates were winning the battle on the partial-birth abortion debate with the American public, Kagan's memos show that she ". . . worked hard and effectively to prevent enactment of the ban on partial-birth abortions, even though she understood very well that partial-birth abortion was not truly necessary to prevent physical injury to mothers," according to Douglas Johnson, the legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee.

Thanks to Kagan's ethical lapses and disregard for the truth, an amendment to the ban was passed which allowed some 4000 babies to be slaughtered in this barbarous procedure before a Republican Congress passed the ban in November of 2003 and President George Bush unhesitatingly signed it into law.

But even when and if the Senate Judiciary Committee moves her nomination forward, Republicans may filibuster on the floor of the Senate. According to Dr. Tom Coburn (OK) Kagan ". . . believes precedent trumps original intent. And she defended that . . . both those things are very concerning — should be very concerning to the American people."

Urge your U.S. Senators — particularly if they are pro-life Democrats — to vigorously oppose this under-qualified, extreme left-wing Supreme Court nominee, who, if elevated to the high court, will probably serve some three or four decades.

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