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July 14, 2010
"Remote Access" Abortions Coming to Iowa???

Abortion-seeking women in Iowa would be able to obtain a dangerous drug without a personal physician's exam, if a Planned Parenthood scheme known as "telemed abortions" is put into practice.

In these "remote controlled" procedures, an abortionist would speak with a patient in an outlying clinic through a teleconference and then push a button which would release abortion-inducing drugs into a drawer at the clinic. The patient takes one set of pills, containing the dangerous RU 486 drug (Mifepristone), and then goes home with instructions on taking the remaining medication herself. Shockingly, even though the FDA suggests that personal contact with a licensed physician be a part of the RU 486 protocol, in this Planned Parenthood scenario, the woman will never have that contact.

This drug has caused the deaths of at least 13 women — and perhaps as many as 40 — and also has injured at least 1,100 more according to 2006 FDA figures. Yet, Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa Director of Patient Services Barbara Chadwick recently told Iowa Public Radio that there were plans to expand the dangerous remote process nationwide.

LifeNews.com reports that PPECI now is denying that any such abortions will be performed in Iowa and also denies any long-range national plans for them. Apparently, the plan was inadvertently leaked by the PPECI Director and the organization is backing off those plans — at least for now.

Lou Holtz Doesn't Understand

Speaking at a recent dinner for the Vitae Foundation in St. Louis, legendary football coach Lou Holtz admitted, "I don't understand how a black cow eats green grass and produces white milk and yellow cheese. I don't understand why they sell hot dogs in packages of eight and hot dog buns in packages of ten. I don't understand how you can terminate a baby late in its pregnancy, yet if you kill the egg of an eagle you go to jail. I don't understand why you can't give a girl in school an aspirin without the parents' consent, but you can take them to an abortion clinic without their permission."

Lou, there of lots of us who don't understand that either!

Pro-Life is the "New Normal"

There are encouraging signs that more and more people DO understand that abortion stops a beating heart: Recent Gallup polls indicate that slightly more people consider themselves "pro-life" than "pro-choice", 47% vs. 45%. However, even though a similar poll last year also had more pro-life responders, the May 2009 poll showed a slightly stronger pro-life advantage of 51% to 47% . The increase is greatest among young adults, a particularly important trend.

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