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July 26, 2010
Six Stalwart Republicans On Judiciary Committee
Vote No On Kagan; One Deserts GOP Principles

Thanks go to our six stalwart Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee who stood firm and voted NO on the Supreme Court nomination of leftist pro-abortion advocate Elena Kagan.

Sens. TOM COBURN (OK), JOHN CORNYN (TX), CHUCK GRASSLEY (IA), ORRIN HATCH (UT), JON KYL (AZ) and JEFF SESSIONS (AL) voted the conscience of the Republican Party, while their GOP counterpart, Lindsey Graham (SC) not only voted with the Democrats on the Committee, but even praised the nominee as a good choice by the President! This "good choice" is the person who advocated for partial-birth abortions and even attempted to manipulate medical statements which did not support the gruesome procedure. So it's hardly a good choice for any pro-lifer.

Graham apparently chose to turn his back on his previous commitment to the pro-life cause in supporting this nominee. And since his vote would not have changed the outcome of the committee's vote (13-6), pro-lifers are very puzzled and angry about his public disregard for life in casting that vote.

The next battle in this nomination process will come sometime in August on the floor of the Senate, when the nomination will be considered by the full complement of 100 senators. At that time, the Democrats will most likely confirm Kagan easily with their 60 votes. Even with those odds against them, as a matter of principle Republican senators should stand together in opposition to confirming this left-wing lawyer with no judicial background and only three years of actual legal experience.

But that's unlikey to happen, given the addition of turncoat Republicans Richard Lugar (IN) and Susan Collins (ME) along with Graham. None of these three "Republicans" is up for election this year and likely are banking on the voters' short memories regarding their assistance to the Democrats in confirming this radical pro-abortion activist.

Action: Urge your Senator to vote against Kagan's confirmation, and remember the ones who vote with the Democrats.

Cong. Smith hopes to Codify Piecemeal Pro-life Legislation

Cong. Smith
Cong. Chris Smith
Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) will introduce the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" on Thursday, July 29, 2010. This new legislation establishes a consistent government-wide prohibition on abortion funding. Under current law, funding for abortion and abortion coverage is prohibited through a patchwork of policies, most of which must be annually reapproved in Appropriations bills. The "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" will reduce the need for numerous separate abortion funding policies and ensure that no program or agency is exempt from this important safeguard. Policies that would be made permanent under this legislation include: the Hyde Amendment (related to programs funded through the HHS appropriations), the Helms Amendment (concerning overseas programs), the Smith FEHBP Amendment (concerning coverage for federal employees), the Dornan Amendment (regarding D.C. funding) and other policies governing programs such as the Peace Corps and federal prisons. The bill also codifies the conscience clause known as Hyde-Weldon.

Those who sign as co-sponsors before Friday, July 29 will be listed as original sponsors of the bill, according to Autumn Fredericks Christensen of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. Urge your congressman to join with others who are seeking to make permanent good pro-life legislation.

Action: Urge your Congressional Representative to co-sponsor this good pro-life legislation.

Your Tax Dollars Promoting Abortion in Kenya's August 4 Election

Why would amending the Kenyan constitution be of any interest to the United States?

Why has some $23 million American tax dollars been spent on this election half-way around the world?

And why is Vice President Biden encouraging a favorable vote on the new constitution, even promising more U.S. aid if it's adopted on August 4?

Dr. Brian Clowes, director of research with Human Life International (HLI) believes that it's a showcase of how pro-abortion activists work.

"They sneaked an article into the Constitution, number 26, which legalizes abortion," he reports to OneNewsNow. "It's completely against the feelings and the faith and the culture of virtually every Kenyan. It's completely a foreign idea to them, killing their own unborn children."

The HLI research director has documented 31 international organizations on the ground in Kenya promoting "population control" — typically used as another term for abortion.

Action: Urge your member of Congress and Senators to ask questions about this use of tax money in the midst of a financial crisis and mounting U.S. debt.

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