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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]November 16, 2010

Pro-Abortion Treaty Surfaces Again

letter Stalwart pro-life Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey has sent a letter to his Republican colleagues in the Senate warning them of the "disturbing series of statements and recommendations issued by the committee that oversees compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)." The Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law will be holding a hearing on the treaty "to examine women's rights, focusing on United States ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)" on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 2 pm. The Committee's members include three Republicans: Ranking Member Tom Coburn (OK), John Cornyn (TX), and Lindsey Graham, (SC). Chaired by Dick Durbin (IL), the other Democrat members are lame ducks Russ Feingold (WI) and Arlen Specter (PA), plus Benjamin Cardin, (MD), and Al Franken (MN).

While the CEDAW treaty itself doesn't refer specifically to abortion, according to Smith, "A review of statements and recommendations over the past decade reveals that the CEDAW Committee has established a pattern of using the Convention to pressure countries to rescind pro-life laws." He furthers reports that under the guise of Article 12 of the treaty, "The Committee has established a pattern of using this document to trample on the most fundamental right, the right to life, as well as freedom of conscience for men and women around the world. Dozens of countries have laws protecting women and their babies from the violence that is euphemistically referred to as abortion. These countries are routinely targeted by the CEDAW Committee. The Committee has even gone so far as to pressure countries to impose provisions that would force pro-life health care professionals to do abortions in violation of their conscience — all this in the name of human rights."

President Jimmy Carter signed the treaty in 1980, but for two and a half decades, the Senate has refrained from ratifying it, and for good reason, according to Rep. Smith. He notes that while CEDAW contains many worthy goals, it has become clear that the oversight committee is intent on undermining the pro-life laws of those countries signing the treaty. "If CEDAW is ratified by the Senate," Rep. Smith warns, "the United States will not escape their overreaching efforts to impose abortion on our country as an international obligation."

ACTION: Please contact your senator if he is on the Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law and urge him to continue to block ratification of this dangerous treaty.

NARAL Washington Auctions an Abortion

Auction Most of us have attended many charity events which include auctions to benefit the designated beneficiary of the event. We have seen signed books, trips, restaurant certificates, even cars and jewelry auctioned. But have you ever seen anything like an abortion being auctioned??!!

It's true! Recently, the Washington state chapter of the National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (now known as NARAL Pro Choice) held its annual fundraiser and actually auctioned off a first-trimester abortion to take place at the Aurora Medical Services in Seattle. Valued at $530, it actually went for a few dollars more. (Later term abortions are more costly to the recipient, but every abortion costs an unborn child his/her life.)

Lending the prestige of her office, Gov. Chris Gregoire was in attendance at the event which reportedly raised $113,000 for the pro-abortion group. She also donated a holiday dinner with the Governor. Basketball fans may be interested to know that another donated item was an autographed, framed photo of the WNBA Seattle Storm, according to The Morning Fizz. Apparently there was a vasectomy on the auction block too, fair market value $940. But with only one bidder, it went for a mere $100.

Several Congressional Seats Still Undecided

undecided According to The Green Papers, as of Nov. 12, several contests for the U.S. Senate and/or House are either still being counted or are being challenged and re-counted due to the closeness of the race.* Those races include:

Alaska Senate race, where the write-in votes for incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski appear to be putting her in the lead over Republican Joe Miller. However, numerous write-in ballots are being challenged by Miller, and the overseas ballots are yet to be counted. Those should be completed by Nov. 17 and certification of the results is expected on November 29. Those certified results can be contested. Joe Miller was endorsed by Eagle Forum PAC.

California 11 In a real nail-biter, Republican David Harmer is leading two-term Democrat Jerry McNerney by only about 120 votes out of 231,557 which were cast. There are still tens of thousands of other ballots to count and results are expected by Thanksgiving. Mr. Harmer was endorsed by Eagle Forum PAC.

Illinois 8 Republican Joe Walsh holds a razor thin lead of 347 votes over three-term incumbent Democrat Melissa Luburich Bean with more than 200,000 votes cast. Election officials in Cook, Lake and McHenry counties said absentee ballot counting is on hold in all three counties until Nov. 16, the last day votes can be received. Mr. Walsh was endorsed by RNC for Life PAC.

New York 1 An election night tabulating error made it appear that four-term Democrat incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop had won re-election defeating Republican Randy Altschuler by about 3,000 votes out of 181,043 votes cast. The corrected vote shows Mr. Altschuler leading by 400 votes with 9,000 absentee votes yet to be counted. He headed to D.C. to take part in the new member orientation with other Republican freshmen, signaling his optimism about the eventual outcome of the race.

New York 25 Yet another razor thin victory appears to be in the making for Republican Ann Marie Buerkle, with a 684 vote margin over one-term Democrat incumbent Congressman Dan Maffei. Her margin widens as more absentee votes are counted, and the Democrat appears to be trying to disqualify hundreds if not thousands of absentee votes, predominately from seniors in the district. All the absentee votes should be in and counted by the beginning of next week. Buerkle was endorsed by Eagle Forum PAC.

Texas 27 In a stunning upset, Republican Blake Farenthold appears to have defeated Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz, who has been in Congress for 28 years. Separated by only 797 votes out of 106, 480 cast, this race is headed to a recount next week. Mr. Farenthold is listed on the RNC for Life website, having returned our questionnaire.

Watch for a complete analysis of the upcoming congress in the year-end edition of the RNC for Life Report. Click here if you would like to subscribe.

* Listing of these races is for informational purposed only and does not indicate endorsement of RNC for Life.

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