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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]November 29, 2010

Minnesota Couple Scams on "Birth or Abort?" Website

sonogram A Minneapolis, Minnesota couple have had their 15+ minutes of fame as they created a website allegedly to allow the public to vote on whether they should give birth to their 17 week old pre-born baby or abort him in early December to comply with Minnesota's abortion viability law. However, many observers believed the poll to be a scam, and the couple has finally admitted to the hoax, closing off the "voting" on Nov. 28, with over 2 million votes being cast.

The couple, both 30, claimed to have had two miscarriages, and now were unsure if they were ready to be parents, so would leave the decision up to the public vote on their website. Sonograms of the baby were posted, and the couple even nicknamed their active baby "Wiggles" while still considering abortion, according to the website.

Disturbingly, more than 77% of those 2 million votes suggested abortion, with only about 22% advocating for life and the baby's birth. The comments on the website indicate that many viewers, though shocked by this casual approach to the child's life, took it very seriously. The huge number of "abort" voters is a sad commentary on our culture, no matter that the website was a scam.

However, their hoax was not without consequences: the mother has lost her job because of the website. And now, upset that her husband has garnered media attention for admitting the web site was a hoax, the mother posted a blog, emphasizing her pro-abortion views and noting that her husband's pro-life views conflicted with hers, thus fomenting the idea of the website to seek the public's "advice."

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger and nurse who has been monitoring this abortion vote web site, points out that seeing those two opposing views on unborn babies, it makes sense that so many viewers were confused as to whether this was a pro-abortion or a pro-life publicity stunt. Stanek believes that the mother will continue to bond with this baby and will not abort him. "Now," she notes, "we just have to pray for the safety of 'Wiggles,' (the mother's) continued bonding with him, and the security of their marriage. I'm also hopeful that through this experience (the mother) will be converted on the Life issue."

Aborted Fetuses, Abortion Drugs Discovered

Thailand More than 2000 aborted fetuses were discovered recently buried in a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, according to the Bangkok Post. Public Health officials and police found that illegal clinics had performed the abortions and taken the remains to the temple for disposal. The investigation also uncovered about 100,000 illegal tablets which are used to induce abortions. The authorities indicated that some family planning, beauty care and cosmetic clinics throughout Thailand as well as some drug rehabilitation centers had been operating as a front for the abortuaries and that there will be an intensified crackdown on those facilities.

Many abortion providers shut down to avoid prosecution, according to the Post, which also reported that the police are questioning a woman about the background of the children she claimed to have adopted after they survived abortion operations.

Maryland Meanwhile, right here in America, a recent raid of an abortion facility in Cecil County, Maryland yielded 35 bodies of aborted children. Eleven of the unborn children were issued fetal death certificates by the state medical examiner's office, indicating that these 11 were 20 weeks or older, including at least one who was 36 weeks, a complete nine month pregnancy. Only one of the bodies was claimed by family.

Compassionate pro-lifers received permission to bury the other 34 aborted babies, with each one being individually named before being properly buried. One of these pro-life advocates sadly noted that 34 children represents an entire kindergarten class, according to LifeNews.com. He also pointed out that these 34 aborted babies represent just a five-week period, thanks to Maryland's permissive abortion laws.

Military Abortions, Don't Ask, Don't Tell Vote

The offensive and controversial additions to the Military Defense Authorization Bill continue to be pushed by Sen. Harry Reid and since he hopes to adjourn the Senate by Dec. 10, we can expect this crucial vote to come at any time in this lame duck session.

Sen. John McCain will raise an objection to the bill coming to the floor, and in order to overcome that objection by invoking cloture, the Democrats would need 60 votes. That should be difficult to obtain, given the number of GOP senators, IF they all vote together to sustain Sen. McCain's objection.

Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, points out that Reid will likely try to "peel off" moderate Republicans, and warns that, "It's called 'divide and conquer' — the oldest strategy in the world." This could become a real problem if some fall for the suggestion that voting for cloture would allow "free and open" debate on the bill. However, at that point, with the bill on the floor, the Democrats only need 51 votes to pass it, and they can easily get that number; getting the 60 votes to cut off Sen. McCain's objection, is our only chance to stop this dangerous legislation which completely changes the military culture in our country.

Action: Please contact your Senators, particularly if they are Republican or pro-life, pro-family Democrats, and strongly urge them to vote NO on cloture for Sen. McCain's objection. U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202/224-3121 (Messages can be left after hours.) And please forward this on to other pro-lifers.

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