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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]October 15, 2010

Planned Parenthood Apologist Judge Targeted

Kansas pro-lifers are attempting a rare move to remove four of the state's seven Supreme Court justices, according to the AP. The Kansas governor appoints the Supreme Court judges and then voters periodically have the opportunity to vote whether or not to retain them. Kansans for Life is leading this non-retention attempt, with their chief target being Justice Carol Beier. Her 2006 and 2008 written opinions strongly criticized former Attorney General Phill Kline, who had taken on Planned Parenthood for breaking the law in shielding child molesters who had impregnated minors who then came to PP for abortions.

Mixed Messages from the Lone Star State

Continuing its "love affair" with Planned Parenthood, the Austin City Council recently voted unanimously to extend the abortion provider's lease with the city for $1 per year for the next 10 years. They also gave PP $50,000 of taxpayer dollars for "teen pregnancy education" services and, in conjunction with the Travis County Commissioners, channeled another $450,000 of tax dollars to PP. These funds help provide abortions to women for any reason — no medical "excuse" needed. In order to help pay for these "services," the City Council is raising property taxes by 4 percent.

Some good news is also coming from Austin, however. On September 24, pro-life Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott warned that abortion providers might not be fulfilling the law by using prerecorded telephone messages or one-way conference calls when explaining the medical risks to women seeking an abortion. The law requires that this information is provided to the woman orally by phone or in person. Actually hearing of those risks from a medical professional may dissuade some women from seeking an abortion, as opposed to a non-personal recorded message, as statistics show that the better informed women are, the more they tend to choose life.

Democrats Desert Their Few Pro-Life Incumbents

Once again proving that the GOP is party of Life, a group designed to defend anti-abortion Democrats has been noticeably absent from this election cycle. Democrats for Life of America PAC, according to Federal Elections Commission filings, brought in only $2,431 and spent a paltry $308, making no contributions to federal candidates. The RNC for Life, on the other hand, has been vigorously endorsing and funding more than sixty 100% pro-life candidates in Congressional races all across the country. Check our website www.rnclife.org to see our endorsed candidates and watch dozens of them win on November 2.

Meet More RNC-Life Candidates
Long-Shot Race Tightens Up Amid Democrat Ethical Slip-Ups

Pastor Stephen BrodenWhile we have been focusing in our last few E-Notes on RNC-Life endorsed candidates who are in very close races with their Democrat opponents, here is a race that at first glance is non-winnable. 17-term Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson is being challenged by an unknown, though charismatic, pro-life minister, Pastor Stephen Broden. You might have seen him on Glenn Beck's show a number of times, and he's not only a strong pro-life advocate, he is also spot-on where the Constitution is concerned.

But what chance does this unknown candidate have in a "safe" Democrat district where the incumbent, a self-proclaimed socialist, won her 2008 election with more than 80% of the vote? Keep reading!

After winning a primary runoff, Pastor Broden began an uphill campaign in earnest against Johnson, and then the race took an unexpected turn for the better. The Dallas Morning News reported that the incumbent had awarded to her relatives and the children of her top aide more than $30,000 in scholarship money raised by the Congressional Black Caucus. Furthermore, none of the awardees even lived in her district! (Both the nepotism and the residency violated the Caucus scholarship rules.) As local Dallas/Fort Worth television stations picked up the story, Johnson was interviewed by national media and stumbled badly when asked about ethics and Caucus rules. She even told the News that there were no "worthy" students in her district!

That statement turned out to be a game-changer! As the Broden campaign blanketed the district with his literature to raise his name recognition, a video was produced which emphasized the "worthy" theme and put onto DVDs for distribution to "swing" voters in the district. As the media pounded Johnson almost daily for failing to adequately address the issue, and as additional information came out about another scholarship for the child of someone who was responsible for a contract to Johnson's business at Dallas/Fort Worth airport, the tide really began to turn. Pastor Broden's name recognition soared as did his ratings in the polls, and his campaign now is cautiously optimistic that victory will be theirs.

For this well-spoken pro-life advocate, it would be a sweet victory in one of the most Democrat districts in the country. So watch TX-30 returns on November 2 and see if our "David" can take out the long-serving and ethically-challenged "Goliath"! For more information on this news-making campaign, go to www.brodenforcongress.com.

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