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September 14, 2010
Will the New "Contract with America" be Pro-life?

The Republican Congressional Leadership is expected to release a new "Contract with America" (or something similar) within a few days, and it is reported that the document, as it now reads, fails to mention any of the Life issues. Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a stalwart pro-life advocate, is attempting to include, at a minimum, a pledge not to fund Planned Parenthood as they are the nation's largest abortion providers. But his voice cannot be the only one as the document is being written. WE also must speak up!

Action: Please do two things to help keep Life issues in the new "Contract with America."

  1. Go to www.LifeSpeakingOut.com and insist that the Republican Life issues as stated in our Platform are a part of the new document; and

  2. Check with your own Congressman (if he/she is a pro-life Republican) and ask him/her to exert his/her influence with the GOP House leadership (particularly Cong. Pete Sessions of Texas) to include Life among the pledges to be made to America by the upcoming Republican Congress.

Can They or Can't They? New Court Ruling Lifts Embryonic Stem Cell Ban

A three-member appeals court panel Friday lifted the ban on embryonic stem cell research that U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth had issued last month which barred funding by federal tax dollars as being in violation of a federal law. The National Institutes of Health thereafter suspended work on several projects, and some 22 projects which were due to get annual checks this month were told that they would have to find other sources of funding, according to the Associated Press. Many researchers have multiple funding sources and now must work to separate what they can work on from what they cannot.

The appeals judges have cautioned that their order should not in any way be construed as a ruling on the merits. This means that for many embryonic stem cell research projects, once their funds run out, their projects come to a dead stop - as do the embryos upon which they experiment. Steven Aden, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, argues that the American people's tax funds should not be used for even one more day of experiments which destroy human life and which have produced no real-world treatments. The only medical benefits have come from adult stem cells.

Polls Show Some Pro-Life Candidates In Lead

Primary Election Eight primaries take place today including a couple of really interesting ones to watch from a pro-life perspective. In Delaware, where VP Joe Biden's son had been the heir-apparent to his father's U.S. Senate seat until low polling numbers ushered him out of the race, a primary battle is now emerging between the most liberal Republican in the U.S. House, Mike Castle, and a real grassroots conservative, Christine O'Donnell. Christine has worked with both Phyllis Schlafly and former RNC for Life director Colleen Parro in pro-life activities, and was gutsy enough to take on the establishment's choice to run for the Senate seat. Her plain talking, grassroots campaign has resonated with voters and she is shown to be up by a few points over Castle, 47-44. RNC for Life has endorsed Christine, whose campaign funds are less than 1/10th of what Castle has reported.

Another one to watch will be in Wisconsin where tea party conservative candidate Ron Johnson should win the GOP primary, and polls show that he could even take out long-time liberal Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold.

Recent polls in several other U.S. Senate races show that our pro-life candidates, such as Roy Blunt in Missouri and Marco Rubio in Florida enjoy leads over their Democrat opponents. Blunt has a substantial 53-43 margin while Rubio, in a more complicated race, polls 43 to the Democrat's 23; however turncoat former GOP governor Charlie Crist could still act as a spoiler with 29% of the polling numbers.

Sharron Angle in Nevada still polls neck-and-neck in her quest to unseat Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid. His millions of dollars in attack ads are difficult to overcome, but she enjoys the support of the tea party activists and virtually all Nevada Republicans. This one will go down to the wire, according to most pollsters.

EVERY vote will be needed in close House and Senate races! If you would like to help in some crucial races where our funds can still make a difference, click here to donate securely to the RNC for Life PAC.

Within the next few weeks, a full-length RNC for Life Report will be published, featuring in-depth articles on "Futile Care" Death Panels, Stem Cell Research successes and failures, and other Life issues. To subscribe to this Report, which will be mailed to subscribers early in October, please click here. The Report is only $15 annually and is a wonderful complement to these abbreviated E-Notes articles.

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