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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]September 23, 2010

We did it! GOP Filibuster Succeeds!

By a vote of 43-56, on Tuesday the U.S. Senate sustained Sen. John McCain's objection to the amendments to the Defense Re-Authorization Act, preventing it from coming to the floor for a vote; 41 votes were needed to uphold the filibuster. Three non-germane amendments would have legalized abortion in all U.S. military installations around the world, imposed homosexuality upon our military, and legalized millions of illegal immigrants under the age of 35.

All 41 Republican senators stood firmly united and were even joined by the two Arkansas Democrat senators in refusing to invoke cloture and bring the bill with its amendments to the floor. Please thank your Republican senator for his/her vote. 56-43-1 will link you to the voting record on this legislation.

But it may not be over! In a last-ditch procedural move, Sen. Harry Reid changed his "yes" vote to "no" when it was apparent that Sen. McCain had prevailed. That will allow him to bring the measure back up during lame duck session after the election. Urge your senators to continue their NO votes if these amendments are still attached!

Pledge to America Unveiled Today

No Left Turn Today is the day that the GOP House leadership will reveal its Pledge to America, a 21-page document which will spell out what Republicans will do if/when they take control of the House in November. According to several news sources, a pledge to honor traditional family and life, including a permanent ban on tax-funded abortions, is among promises concerning spending, Obamacare, jobs, border and national security.

Thanks to all of you who added your input to the millions who contacted the leadership with concerns and ideas. They listened! Now let's get busy and take back the House! (And while we are at it, let's make a good run at the Senate as well!)

Meet Some RNC-Life Candidates

What a tremendous response to our pro-life questionnaire RNC for Life has had from Congressional candidates! Based on their responses, we have endorsed more than 60 100% pro-life candidates for the November election, from among more than 150 Republicans who responded to our questionnaire.(You can view the questionnaire and the ratings of all who responded on our website www.rnclife.org. )

An article in the Huffington Post yesterday reported on our endorsements and the growing number of 100% pro-life candidates. You can read it using this link.

We are now donating to some of these campaigns from our PAC, and we thought that you might like to meet some of those candidates. Most of the candidates to whom we contribute are challengers or pursuing an open seat. Most of them are within a few points either direction of their Democrat opponent, and most of them are running against a one-term Democrat who was swept into office in 2008's Obama-mania. So we feel they are very well positioned to help take back the House. Here are some of these strong candidates:

Jesse KellyAZ 8 JESSE KELLY This U.S, Marine Iraq combat veteran is a project manager in his family's contracting company, where he oversees multi-million dollar infrastructure projects. He balances budgets, makes payroll and hires hundreds of people. Endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Jesse lives with his wife and sons in a small town near Tucson. His two-term opponent has voted consistently for Obama's radical agenda and as Jesse continues to campaign hard and points this out, he rises in the polls. The race is rated a toss-up now. Learn more about Jesse at www.votejessekelly.com.

Vicky Hartzler MO 4 VICKY HARTZLER This farm-raised lady who still farms with her husband Lowell also owns equipment dealerships and is poised to take out a 13-term Democrat. This district is rated strong for the GOP but the race is very close. Vicky taught school for 11 years before running for elective office and serving 6 years in the Missouri legislature where she championed adoption, lower taxes and strengthening education. She helped lead the successful effort in Missouri to overwhelmingly pass by 71% a measure protecting traditional marriage. Vicky has written a book Running God's Way: Step by Step to a Successful Political Campaign and we hope that her advice will be successful in her own race. vickyhartzler.com/about-vicky

Bobby SchillingIL 17 BOBBY SCHILLING Bobby Schilling was ahead of the curve in making a pledge to his own congressional district. His contract includes a refusal of pay raises or pension from the Congress, and a voluntary term limit. Bobby's opponent is a two-term Democrat who is considered vulnerable in this Republican year. Add to that the fact that the incumbent tells voters that he doesn't care about the Constitution, and this seat is very winnable for the GOP. Indeed, polling shows that only 40% would vote to re-hire the incumbent! Bobby Schilling and his wife are the proud parents of 10 children and are Italian restaurant owners who made a decision some years ago to close their restaurant on Sundays to allow their employees more family time. Their financial experiences in raising ten children makes the Schillings expert at cutting spending. To learn more about his Contract with his district, visit Bobby2010.com

KEITH FIMIAN VA 11 KEITH FIMIAN Keith, a former CPA with a large accounting firm, is the founder and CEO of the dominant home inspection company in America. He also heads Youth Leadership Foundation, a supplemental academic and character development program which serves disadvantaged youth in Washington, D.C. Keith grew up as one of six children in a Navy family, and was the football captain at William and Mary University. Married to his highschool sweetheart, they have three daughters. His Democrat opponent is a one-termer, and this is a very winnable district for the GOP. The race is rated a virtual toss-up. See more about Keith at keithfimian.com.

Help Us Help These Good Pro-Life Candidates!

There is still time for our contributions to make a difference in these campaigns, all of which are rated as "toss ups" by Real Clear Politics. We have not yet funded any of them to the maximum allowed by law, so please send your maximum contribution (up to $5000 per person) to the RNC for Life PAC so that we can increase their chances of winning. Click here to donate.

We will have other candidates for you to meet next week. Please pass our E-Notes on to others who share our concern for Life.

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