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Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director, [email protected]September 28, 2010

Pledge To America Pro-Life Language Needs Cosponsors

A Pledge to America As you may be aware, the Republican "Pledge to America," released last week, contains several references that interest pro-lifers. The Preamble pledges to honor life and traditional marriage, and a plan to permanently prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion is outlined on page 28. Although the "Pledge" does not refer to specific bill numbers, the government prohibition on taxpayer funding for abortion was recently introduced in the House by Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Dan Lipinski (D-IL). So far over 170 Members of Congress have agreed to cosponsor the Smith/Lipinski bill titled the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" (H.R. 5939).

It is important to urge pro-life Members of Congress to cosponsor the legislation with the goal of demonstrating that there is enough support to pass the bill. They will have to sign on as a cosponsor by Thursday when the House will adjourn until after the election.

Republicans who voted for Stupak/Pitts and have NOT cosponsored HR 5939:

Biggert (IL-13)

Bilbray (CA-50)

Bono Mack (CA-45)

Capito (WV-02)

Castle (DE-At large)

Dent (PA-15)

Djou (HI-01)

Dreier (CA-26)

Flake (AZ-06)

Frelinghuysen (NJ-11)

Hastings (WA-04)

Heller (NV-02)

Kirk (IL-10)

Lance (NJ-07)

Mack, C. (FL-14)

Nunes (CA-21)

Putnam (FL-12)

Reichert (WA-08)

Rohrabacher (CA-46)

Rooney (FL-16)

Royce (CA-40)

Young B. (FL-10)

Young, D. (AK-At large)

ACTION: Please contact the above Republican Members of Congress who supported the Stupak/Pitts amendment to the health care reform bill, but have not yet cosponsored the Smith/Lipinski bill.

35 Days Till "Take Out the Trash Day!"

Nov. 2: Take out the trash! Yes, we can see November from here — and it's looking very exciting! Of the 435 U.S. House seats, Real Clear Politics as of today reports that various polls and district analyses indicate that 191 seats are safe or likely for the Democrats, 207 are safe or likely for the GOP and 102 are either dead heat toss-ups, or slightly leaning toward one Party or the other. It's within those 98 seats that we have 16 candidates who are 100% pro-life and whose campaigns can greatly benefit from the boost that a donation from our PAC would bring. Can you contribute today? Click here to donate. Any amount from $10 to the maximum $5000 will help and allow us to provide additional funds to these outstanding candidates in the last critical days of this election cycle.

You met four of our endorsed candidates in close races last week. Below are five more including a dairyman, a retired military pilot, a surgeon, a former single mom and a famous name. All are 100% pro-life and are in winnable races.

Dan WebsterFL 8 DANIEL WEBSTER — what an honorable, historical name for Florida's 8th District candidate! But that great name is being dragged through the mud now as his one-term Democrat opponent is trying to link Dan to the Taliban and asserts that Dan would somehow impose burkas and mis-treatment upon women. How? By taking carefully edited parts out of context from a talk Dan gave at a religious seminar and twisting them for his own evil purpose. The leading newspaper in the district has condemned this malicious attack. A devoted family man and small businessman, Dan has a proven conservative record in the Florida legislature. As the state's House Republican Leader in the 1990's, Dan engineered the successful Republican takeover in 1996, ending 122 years of Democrat control and becoming the first GOP Speaker of the House in more than a century. You may recognize Dan's opponent from his quote on the floor of Congress during the healthcare debate: "The Republican health care plan is this: Don't get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly." Swept into office during Obama-mania, this truth-twisting liberal needs to look up the word "defeat" in a Webster's dictionary! Learn more about the "contemporary" Daniel Webster here: http://www.electwebster.com/

Sandy Adams FL 24 SANDY ADAMS "Mr. Smith Mrs. Adams Goes to Washington" Florida's Sandy Adams has a story made for a Hollywood movie: Young mom leaving an abusive marriage, holding two jobs to keep her daughter in a Christian school, member of the U.S. Air Force, working for nearly two decades as a deputy sheriff, serving since 2002 in the Florida legislature, and now running for Congress! Sandy been a strong pro-life advocate and staunch conservative for many years, and has the record to prove it from her legislative tenure. She also walks the pro-life walk, helping her "adopted" daughter to make the choice for life when she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy. Sandy is now in a close race against a one-term, Obama-mania, pro-abortion Democrat. Sandy and her husband, John, live in Orlando and have three children. Who do you think should play Congresswoman Adams in that movie? Learn more about Sandy at http://www.sandyadams.com.

John KosterWA 2 JOHN KOSTER is rural America at its finest — a third generation dairyman who grew up with humble, yet proud roots. He served three terms as a State Representative, where he earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog. During his time in the legislature, John was responsible for organizing the Conservative Caucus where he worked with other legislators to lower taxes and cut spending. His race for Congress in Washington state's 2nd District is a re-match of his first Congressional campaign a decade ago. After narrowly losing to the current incumbent, John continued his public service by getting elected to the Snohomish County Council. As a County Councilman, John has not only been a leader on the county level, he has been chosen by his peers to serve on the Board of Directors of the National and State Associations of Counties. In this close Congressional race, John's Democrat opponent has been trashing the tea partiers who are supporting John, even putting out misleading "racist" photos which turned out to be phony. A past Board President of Arlington Christian School, John and his wife Vicki have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. Meet the Koster campaign at http://www.kosterforcongress.com/ .

Steve Pearce NM 2 STEVE PEARCE Another proud military veteran seeking to continue serving our country, Steve Pearce is asking New Mexico voters to return him to the U.S. Congress, where he recently served three terms. Steve was a pilot in the Air Force, serving in the Philippines and flying missions into Vietnam. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal, separating honorably with the rank of Captain. Having run unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate rather than Congress in 2008, Steve is now in a close race for his old seat. During his freshman term in Congress, he was among a short list of other freshmen members to be tapped as Assistant Majority Whip, evidence of his leadership abilities. During his two terms in the state legislature, Steve served as Republican Caucus Chairman and was selected as "Outstanding Legislator" by the New Mexico Technology Showcase for his work in economic development using technology. Steve and his wife Cynthia raised their family in Hobbs and also owned and operated a small oilfield services firm, which they grew tenfold in ten years. Learn more about Steve at http://www.peopleforpearce.com/

Dan BenishekMI 1 DR. DAN BENISHEK's not a career politician, he's a career surgeon. He really doesn't have a political bone in his body. But when Congress passed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill in the middle of the night that no one had even read, he shocked his wife, his friends and everyone who knew him: He declared that he could either shout at the TV for the rest of his life or he could run for Congress. Look out, Congress! The cornerstone of Dan's campaign is the 4 R's — Read it, Reduce it, Repeal it, Reform it — and those principles have been included in the GOP's Pledge to America. It's ironic that Dan, who is 100% pro-life, is running for the seat being vacated by Bart Stupak, the Democrat who abandoned his pro-life principles and caved in to Obama's pressure in the final hours before the Health Care bill came to the House for a vote. Stupak's vote and the votes of the other "pro-life" democrats who had held firm until then are what gave Speaker Nancy Pelosi the slight majority needed to impose Obamacare upon the nation. He is running a strong grassroots campaign, and with our help, Dr. Benishek will prescribe for Congress a good dose of what's needed to get America strong and healthy again. For more information on Dan's campaign, visit http://www.benishekforcongress.com

National Life Chains Will Be Forming Next Sunday

The annual "Life Chain" is always held on the first Sunday in October. (Rain date: Oct. 31) LIFE CHAIN is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life individuals standing for 90 minutes praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. It is a visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. This is the 23rd year of this silent, prayerful protest across America and around the world. For more info, visit www.LifeChain.net to find a location and time near you.

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