Senate Races Where YOU Can Make A Difference

Senate Races Where YOU Can Make A Difference

We hold the key to taking back the United States Senate and returning power to the People.

The U.S. Senate races below have been selected because they are pro-life conservative candidates whose races are close. A few more volunteers really can make a difference in the outcome. The November election has already started as Absentee and/or Early Voting has already started. Time is of the essence!

Missouri Todd Akin

Campaign is within margin of error despite GOP “bosses” trying to force Akin out.

Phyllis Schlafly says we should go “all out” on this race!
Let’s demonstrate pro-life grassroots power!

Independent Calls via EagleOPS: Need computer, good internet connection, and headset (optional)

Contact: Sandy McDade, Eagle Ops, Cell: 318/631-4133, email:[email protected] (subject line: Akin Calls)


Eagle Forum: How You Can Help Todd Akin!

*Ground Game: with teams throughout the state for walking precincts, handing out literature, etc.

Campaign Contact: Becky Davidson, Akin Campaign, [email protected], Phone: 314/368-0986

IndianaRichard Mourdock

This is a very tight race – GOP must hold this seat.

Phone calls (Independent Expenditure): Americans for Prosperity is conducting a calling campaign for Mourdock. Computer and long-distance calls required.

Contact:  Ryan Black, [email protected], Phone: 317/385-7802

*Ground game: Join teams of walkers handing out literature, etc.

Contact:  Robb Greene, Mourdock Campaign, [email protected], Phone:  317/694-7424

MichiganPete Hoekstra

Critical need for “phoners” to follow up
on absentee ballots; race is within margin of error.

Phone calls: No computer needed.

Contact:  Matt Kooiman, [email protected], Phone: 616/301-3105

NevadaDean Heller

Key is Washoe County (Reno) which has gone for both statewide and Presidential winners for 47 years; Harry Reid is working hard against Sen. Heller; tight race is within margin of error. We can’t afford to lose this seat to the Democrats!

*Phone calls: Nevada callers are needed for local call centers.

*Ground Game: Join teams walking precincts, handing out literature, etc.

Contact:  Ryan Cherry, [email protected], Phone: 775/829-2012

North DakotaRick Berg

This is a very tight race. 
Democrat opponent is from powerful political family in ND. 

*Phone Calls & Ground Game: Local North Dakota volunteers are needed.

Contact:  Blake, Phone: 701/630-2121

OhioJosh Mandel

Crucial swing state can benefit Romney/Ryan from “up ballot”
work for Mandel; race within margin of error.

Independent Phone calls: Make calls through these two organizations. Instructions on website.


*On the Ground with teams throughout the state.

Contact:  Ed Bell, Volunteer Coordinator, [email protected], Phone: 513/561-0506

VirginiaGeorge Allen

MUST WIN for GOP both Presidential and Senate;
race is too close to call on either Romney or Allen.

*Phoning or Ground Game: Teams throughout the state. Lodging and food provided; some transportation assistance available:

Write Postcards: Register at and order as many addresses as you want, provide your own postcards and get to writing!

*Travel to these states is at the volunteers’ own expense.