Shutdown Showdown Provides Pro-Life Good News, Bad News

April 11, 2011

Shutdown Showdown Provides
Pro-Life Good News, Bad News

Good News / Bad NewsBy mere minutes, a (partial) shutdown of the federal government was avoided Friday night. For the pro-life movement, the “deal” struck by GOP House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama resulted in both good news and bad new for pro-lifers. Here’s a synopsis of those results:

GOOD NEWS: The GOP plan assured funding for the military for the current fiscal year and cut about $40 billion in FY 2010-11 spending from the original Democrat spending plan, which had proposed less than $10 billion in spending cuts. The Democrats leadership finally accepted the larger GOP cuts.

BAD NEWS: In their Pledge to America, Republicans had promised that $100 billion, modified to $61 billion, would be cut and they were unable to get to that higher number, causing some dissension within the Republican caucus. Among those voting NO were Reps. Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Jim Jordan, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, who felt the spending cuts were not deep enough.

GOOD NEWS: About 1,000 babies who are aborted each year in Washington, D.C. now will be spared as the deal included a GOP rider to return to the settled public policy required by the Dornan/Hyde Amendment which Obama had revoked last year.

BAD NEWS: H.R. 1363, which was passed by both chambers as agreed, did not remove the funding for Planned Parenthood as the House-passed H.R. 1 did, though it did reinstate the Dornan/Hyde Amendment.

GOOD NEWS: The Senate finally will be voting on defunding Planned Parenthood! Harry Reid had consistently refused even to consider the GOP bills which called for PP’s defunding, but under pressure from Speaker Boehner during the shutdown showdown, Reid had to agree to allow the Senate to vote on that important provision. The vote could come as early as this week.

BAD NEWS: At this point, we do not have the votes to defund Planned Parenthood in the Senate. Even if all 47 Republicans were to vote together (by no means a given!), four more votes would be needed from the Democrats to pass the defunding.

GOOD NEWS: This key vote in the Senate will help us to identify senators who are up for re-election in the 2012 who are not willing to save taxpayer monies with this defunding of the nation’s largest abortion provider.

NOT SO BAD NEWS: Republicans will have to hold all 10 GOP seats up for election in 2012 PLUS win 6 other pro-life Senate seats to insure a pro-life majority in the 2013 Senate session. With 21 Democrat Senate seats up for election next year, this is a very achievable goal. We will have more details on that in upcoming communications.

ACTION: Here is a group of Senators who are considered key in this vote: Brown (R-MA), Casey (D-PA), Conrad (D-ND), T. Johnson (D-SD), Kirk (R-IL), Landrieu (D-LA), Murkowski (R-AK), Ben Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR), but all Senators should hear from their pro-life constituents. If any of these are your U.S. Senators, or if you have a Republican U.S. Senator, please contact them immediately and urge them to VOTE YES on defunding PP with federal tax dollars. Call 202/224-3121, ask for the appropriate office and strongly urge them to vote YES on defunding Planned Parenthood. You also may email them directly here.

If you already phoned your Senators, please PHONE THEM AGAIN. If you already emailed them through Rally Congress, please EMAIL THEM AGAIN. Last week, dozens — perhaps hundreds — of pink-shirted women swarmed the halls of Congress demanding that Planned Parenthood funding be continued. WE MUST OFFSET THEIR WELL-FUNDED EFFORTS! Please ask like-minded friends and relatives also to email and call.

Here are SOME GOOD REASONS why PP should be defunded:

  1. PP doesn’t provide real medical services to women, as falsely claimed. THEY DO NOT DO MAMMOGRAMS, for example, but do hand out contraceptives and, in many of their centers, perform abortions.
  2. OTHER MEDICAL FACILITIES SERVE LOW-INCOME WOMEN with real health services such as cancer screenings, mammograms, etc. and do not perform abortions. These facilities actually provide more comprehensive health services than PP and many are funded through Medicaid.
  3. Some PP FACILITIES ACTUALLY TRY TO CIRCUMVENT STATE LAWS regarding parental consent, sexual abuse of minors, etc. as documented in undercover videos from several states.
  4. PP does NOT need tax money. Its ASSETS ARE NEARLY $1 BILLION according to its own recent annual report.
  5. In these tough economic times, this will be a GOOD WAY TO SAVE TAX DOLLARS without “killing women” as one liberal Democrat congresswoman recently shrieked.