Black Genocide Billboards Proliferate

April 14, 2011

Black Genocide Billboards Proliferate

What do the south side of Chicago, New York City and St. Louis have in common? They are all sites of pro-life billboards which demand attention from the public regarding the disproportionate number of black babies who are killed in their mothers’ wombs.

This billboard was erected in New York City and caused such a stir that the owner was forced to remove it.

The billboard above was erected in New York City and caused such a stir that the owner was forced to remove it. But, it was quickly replaced by 20 similar billboards in Chicago (shown below) which point out that the next possible black leader is aborted every 21 minutes. This project — part of a campaign by a media group called Life Always — is designed to demonstrate the devastation of abortion on African-Americans.

Billboards in Chicago

In St. Louis, billboards remind Missourians that the most dangerous place for an African American baby is in its mother’s womb. (See below.)

Indeed, the statistics concerning black abortions are absolutely stunning. Though African American women make up only about 12% of America’s population, they account for about 36% of its abortions! The upcoming issue of the RNC for Life Report has full details as to why and how this black genocide is occurring. For a FREE copy, click here.

Dillard’s Department Store Picketed by Pro-Abortion
Women as it Helps Support Pro-Life Alternatives

A billboard similar to the one above also drove Houston pro-aborts into a frenzy last Saturday morning as they picketed outside the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston to protest a fundraiser for a pro-life organization called Heroic Media. The event was sponsored by Dillard’s-Memorial City, which loaned some of its fashion for the event. Attendees gathered for about two hours of prayer, lunch and spring wear modeled by ten Heroic Media supporters to raise money for an anti-abortion campaign in Houston.

One protest organizer said that the goal was to embarrass and shame Dillard’s for supporting what he called “hate speech,” referring to the slogan on the billboard: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.” A mere 20 protestors showed up, holding signs reading “I trust black women”; “Dillard’s: The most dangerous store for women’s rights”; and “What’s heroic about racism?” They also occasionally chanted “Down With Dillard’s.” The group reportedly included about 10 students from the University of Houston’s Student Feminist Organization.

Heroic Media founder Brian Follett has likened Planned Parenthood’s abortion work to genocide, and has been supported by potential GOP presidential candidates and former governors, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, who have spoken at various fundraisers for the faith-based pro-life organization.

Pro-lifers may want to consider patronizing Dillard’s to thank them for their support.