Texas Pro-Lifers are Needed to Contact State Senators to Vote Yes On Sonogram Bill

April 18, 2011

Texas Pro-Lifers are Needed to Contact State
Senators to Vote Yes On Sonogram Bill Which
Will “Devastate” Abortion Industry in Texas

sonogramAbby Johnson, former director of the Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan, TX who now is a pro-life activist, urges passage of CSHB 15, the sonogram bill which she believes will “devastate” the abortion industry in Texas. She notes that THERE ARE NO PP ABORTION FACILITIES IN LOUISIANA, which she attributes to some of the requirements in the pending Texas sonogram bill. But there is a POTENTIAL PROBLEM and YOUR help is needed!

This new version is not perfect — bills rarely are — and will need some tweaking in future legislative sessions. But Sen. Dan Patrick’s bill does include some very good provisions which, by expert estimates, will SAVE ABOUT 40,000 BABIES EACH YEAR in Texas.

Here are some of its major baby-saving provisions:

  • A private, face-to-face consultation with the abortionist is required at least 24 HOURS before the abortion is to be committed. (This is a very important component which will not only provide women a fully-informed consent prior to the procedure, just as with any other medical procedure, but will also afford her a reflective period free from a sedated pre-abortion fog and away from the facility’s pressure to proceed with the abortion. This provision replaces current law which allows the pre-surgery conversation to be with a referring physician rather than the actual abortionist and via a scripted telephone “conference.”)
  • Women seeking abortions must be offered the opportunity to view their sonograms and to listen to their babies’ heartbeats. (It is impossible constitutionally to require the women to actually view the sonogram.) The physician will be required to describe the development of the unborn child even if the woman is not viewing the sonogram. This provision may be waived in cases of rape or incest, a concession necessary to obtain the Democrat support needed to obtain Senate passage.
  • Contrary to current abortuary practices, the sonogram must be performed by a trained, certified sonographer. The facilities will be subject to random checks for compliance with the new law.
  • During the doctor/patient consultation, the medical risks to the mother must be fully explained, including the possible correlation between abortion and breast cancer. She also is to be informed of alternatives, including a list of agencies which offer FREE SONOGRAM SERVICES to pregnant women (pro-life pregnancy centers).
  • For women who live in counties with less than 60,000 population, the consultation may be done by telephone but still at least 24 HOURS PRIOR to the abortion. The sonogram itself, however, may be done only two hours prior to the abortion. (This was a concession in order to obtain some Democrat support which was critical to the bill’s passage and will apply to only about 6% – 8% of Texas’ 81,500 abortions each year.)

CSHB 15 is a Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 15, which had overwhelmingly passed the House several weeks earlier. It was passed from the Senate Committee last Tuesday, and should be ON THE SENATE FLOOR NEXT WEEK, only IF the 19 Republicans and at least two Democrats agree to allow it to reach the floor.

Here is the PROBLEM: CSHB 15 is supported by virtually every pro-life group in the state: RNC for Life, Eagle Forum (both national and state), Liberty Institute, Texas Alliance for Life, Concerned Women for America of Texas, Life Advocates of Houston, etc. However, one “rogue” organization has inexplicably decided to oppose the bill calling it “worthless,” and has asked its supporters across the state to help defeat the bill! Yet the provisions detailed above clearly demonstrate the bill’s powerful pro-life provisions. This “mixed message” from the pro-life community is confusing some pro-life legislators and MUST BE CLARIFIED BY A HUGE OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT from grassroots pro-lifers.

ACTION: Please contact your State Senator TODAY and ask him/her to support bringing this bill to the floor of the Senate and then to vote YES on this important bill to help save babies from the torturous process of abortion. If you do not know who your state senator is, click here to find out. www.senate.state.tx.us/senators It is VERY IMPORTANT that this bill PASS THE SENATE AND THEN RE-PASS IN THE HOUSE. So please also contact your State House member and ask him/her to vote YES when it comes back to the House for final approval. Find your Representative here: www.house.state.tx.us/members. Phone calls also work well. 512/463-4630 is the main number in the Capitol to reach any Senator or Representative. Gov. Rick Perry will sign it and it will start saving babies right away if passed by a 2/3 majority in both Chambers.