Senate Sonogram Victory In Texas!

May 3, 2011

Senate Sonogram Victory In Texas!

TXMonday was a great victory for the pre-born in Texas! After weeks of negotiating, cajoling, bargaining and grassroots input, the bill described by its author as “one of the strongest sonogram bills in the country!” has passed its biggest hurdle: the Texas Senate!

The Senate’s rules require that 21 of the 31 Senators agree to let a bill onto the floor before it can be considered. With 19 Republicans in the Senate, two Democrat votes were needed to bring it up. Unfortunately, one Republican, Sen. Jeff Wentworth of San Antonio, decided NOT to vote with the GOP, so three Democrats were necessary to get the legislation considered on the floor. Two pro-life Democrats, Sens. Lucio (Brownsville) and Zaffirini (Laredo) agreed to vote with the GOP. The third vote would be needed from another San Antonio Senator, Sen. Uresti. He was on the fence for a good while, negotiating hard for some concessions, including the removal of the 24-hour waiting period between the sonogram and the abortion for residents of any counties with less than 60,000 residents (about 6% of abortions performed in Texas).

Finally, over the weekend, with many calls from his constituents, including Catholic clergy, Sen. Uresti stood with life and CSB 15, authored by Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, was offered on the Senate floor and PASSED 21-10. For a full description of this good bill, click here.

Thank you to everyone in Texas who contacted their state Senators in support of the combined version of the sonogram bill. Now the BILL WILL GO TO THE TEXAS HOUSE, where it MUST PASS BY NEXT MONDAY, MAY 15, and then be sent to Gov. Rick Perry, who made it one of his legislative priorities and has promised to sign it.

ACTION: Next Monday, May 15, is the last day for bills to pass the Texas House. Contact your STATE REPRESENTATIVE by phoning 512/463-4630 (main number at the Capitol) and urge him/her to SUPPORT CSB 15 when it reaches the House, probably later this week.