GOP “Turncoats” Allow Confirmation of Radical Pro-Abortion Judge McConnell

May 10, 2011

GOP “Turncoats” Allow Confirmation
of Radical Pro-Abortion Judge McConnell

turncoatsLast week, Senate Republicans blew an opportunity to derail the nomination of a radical pro-abortion judge who for several years actually was director of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to conducting surgical abortions, it also performed chemical abortions. Disturbingly, this facility even offered financial assistance for those who met “eligibility requirements” and aided minors in obtaining “judicial bypass” for an abortion when their parents would not provide consent. Additionally, Jack McConnell has made multiple donations to EMILY’S LIST, a group whose sole purpose is to support pro-abortion female candidates. The American Bar Association’s “below average” rating coupled with his nearly $750,000 in campaign contributions to liberal candidates clearly should have disqualified him as a “fair and impartial” jurist.

Due to the November elections, Republicans now have the ability to sustain a filibuster against bad legislation or presidential appointments if the GOP Senators stand together.

Unfortunately that did not happen on the McConnell nomination. Thanks to a dozen “Republicans” who did not vote with our Majority to refuse to cut off debate on this radical judicial nominee, McConnell’s nomination was brought to the Senate floor. There, of course, it could not be stopped and even though ultimately all the Republicans voted against confirmation, this soon-to-be activist judge was confirmed to a U.S. District Court bench, 50-44. The only way to have stopped this pathetic travesty masquerading as a “fair and impartial” jurist would have been to sustain the filibuster and keep the nomination from reaching the floor. But the Republicans wouldn’t stand together and thus self-destructed our only chance to stop this liberal, abortion clinic director from being confirmed.

Every Republican ultimately voted against confirmation (except for Coburn of OK and Roberts of KS who did not vote), but on the key vote to keep the nomination from reaching the Senate floor, 11 Republicans voted for cloture, including the five pro-abortion Republicans — Brown (MA), Collins (ME), Kirk (IL), Murkowski (AK), Snowe (ME) — who by themselves would not have been enough to reach 60 votes. But adding in six Republicans who claim to be pro-life but voted to bring the nomination to the floor — Alexander (TN), Chambliss (GA), Graham (SC), Isakson (GA), McCain (AZ), Thune (SD) — only 33 GOP Senators voted no to cutting off debate and bringing the nomination to the floor, rather than stopping it as they had the power to do. Republican Senators Hatch (UT) voted “present” and Coburn (OK) did not vote on either the cloture issue or the nomination itself.

We commend Sen. John Cornyn (TX), a former attorney general who serves on the Judiciary Committee, for his valiant efforts to expose the reasons McConnell should not be confirmed through “Dear Colleague” letters and newspaper editorials. But in the end, the “moderate/liberal” Republicans turned their backs on Republican principles and failed to support the GOP platform’s pro-life plank yet another time.

Finally — Strong Sonogram Bill Passes in Texas!

sonogramAfter much negotiating, testimony and grassroots involvement, a sonogram bill has been passed by both chambers of the Texas legislature and sent to Governor Rick Perry, who has promised to sign it, after putting the issue on the “fast track” in the early days of the legislative session. The bill, described by its author Sen. Dan Patrick as “one of the strongest in the nation,” requires full disclosure of the process and risks of abortion by the abortionist to his patient, and also requires that he describe the unborn child’s development even if the mother refuses to look at the sonogram. Leaders in the pro-life movement estimate that this bill will save some 40,000 babies’ lives each year. Gov. Perry agrees, saying “Ensuring Texans have access to all the information when making such an important decision is a critical step in our efforts to protect life.”

Texas Choose Life License Plates Promote Adoption

TX 4LifeIn another great pro-life victory, a Choose Life license plate bill has passed and is on its way to the governor’s desk as well, making Texas the 27th state to enact this type of legislation. The eye-catching design helps to make the public aware of the loving alternative to abortion: adoption. Proceeds from the sale of the plate will benefit pro-life organizations which encourage adoption.

There are yet other bills supported by the pro-life movement in Texas which will effectively de-fund Planned Parenthood from state tax money, but as the deadline for passing bills nears, their future is uncertain at this point.

“No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion” Passes U.S. House

GOP Congressman Chris Smith (NJ)

Cong. Chris Smith

Another pro-life victory was won in the Congress last week as the House passed H.R. 3, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” on a 251-175 vote. Republicans voted 235-0 for the bill and Democrats voted 175-16 against it. GOP Congressman Chris Smith (NJ), the bill’s lead sponsor, informed the House of a study by the Guttmacher Institute, the pro-abortion former research apparatus of Planned Parenthood, which reported that when taxpayer dollars were not available to pay for abortions of their children, one-quarter of the women who otherwise would have had abortions instead chose to give birth.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where the pro-abortion Democrat Senate Majority makes it unlikely to pass.

Even before the House vote, President Obama promised to veto it should the bill also pass the Senate, just one more example of the dogged determination of the most pro-abortion President ever. This impasse illustrates the challenges faced by any pro-life legislation until both the Senate and the White House can be changed in the 2012 election. Watch for an upcoming RNC for Life Report which will detail exactly what must happen to get a pro-life Congress.

ACTION: Please email your U.S. Senators and ask them to support H.R. 3 when it reaches the Senate floor. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans don’t want their tax monies paying for abortions, especially in these tough economic times.