Your On-Line Vote Can Help Eliminate Pro-Abortion United Nations Programs

May 13, 2011

VoteYour On-Line Vote Can Help Eliminate
Pro-Abortion United Nations Programs

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the UN population control agency that is complicit in China’s brutal one-child policy which is carried out through a program of coercive abortions and involuntary sterilizations. Now YOU have a chance to vote to eliminate this anti-life program which costs us taxpayers $400 million each year by selecting that funding to be eliminated in the next round of budget cuts proposed by the U.S. House Republicans on the YouCut website. Here’s how it works:

The YouCut website is a unique program introduced by the House Republican Leadership which allows input from the public to voice their opinions directly on which budget items and programs should be cut or eliminated. Majority Leader Eric Cantor has just launched the second phase of the YouCut program and it will now be organized by the Republican freshman class. Each week, three of these ideas are posted online and individuals vote for the one that they most want the House of Representatives to consider cutting or eliminating. Whichever program gets the most votes will be sponsored by the YouCut program, and you will be able to track its progress on the website as it moves through the legislative process. The vote ends on Friday, May 20 for this group of proposed cuts.

Terminating U.S. contributions to the United Nations Population Fund has been included as one of the first three YouCut options. Therefore, defunding UNFPA could be considered by the House soon, but ONLY if this option gets the most votes on the YouCut website.

Vote HereClick on the YouCut website and cast your vote for Proposal #3 – Eliminating the $4M funding to the United Nations Population Fund.