Help Defund Texas Planned Parenthood Today!

May 25, 2011


WHAT: PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS NEEDED NOW! If your State Senator or Representative is among the ten listed here, they need to be phoned immediately!

WHY: We are on the verge of removing most, if not all, of Planned Parenthood’s Texas tax funding! This could amount to nearly $20 million kept from their coffers!

See Action Item at bottom!

But we need YOUR help to be sure that it passes.

Here’s what is happening:

Rep. Jim Landtroop, a courageous pro-life freshman from Plainview in West Texas, last Friday passed an Amendment in the House to SB23, the legislation which controls state funding for all family planning grants. The Landtroop Amendment was intended to make Planned Parenthood ineligible for all such grants.

However, the Amendment was loosely written and could provoke a court challenge, so it has been “tightened up” and Landtroop now will be offering a “Perfecting Amendment” which affects not only abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood, but also their affiliates as it forbids any abortion providers or their affiliates from receiving state Medicaid funding.

Actually, it is through their affiliates — family planning services providers only, not performing abortions — that much of the tax monies flow through to Planned Parenthood itself. These affiliates are separate legal entities but who frequently share building space with PP, using a common entrance, reception area, etc. with the abortuaries run by PP — a sneaky way to get tax monies which then pays for common overhead, freeing up PP funds for abortion services.

The Amendment also sets up a PRIORITY SYSTEM of distributing family planning money to organizations who provide comprehensive primary care, which Planned Parenthood does not offer. There will be no shortage of other providers for low income families seeking family planning assistance, as there are more than 500 clinics and more than 5,500 primary care physicians in Texas who can provide such assistance.

Take Action
ACTION: Call or email your State Senator and or Representative if he/she is on the Conference Committee for TX SB 23 (listed below.) 512/463-4630 is the main Capitol switchboard for any Senator or Representative. Ask that he/she support the “Perfecting Amendment to Rep. Landtroop’s Amendment to SB 23.”

By no means is this Conference Committee dominated by pro-life legislators. It is very important that all of the conferees received lots of phone calls from their districts so that we can garner at least three Senators and three Representatives who will vote to adopt the Perfecting Amendment.


Conference Committee members for SB 23:
(Select names to email)
Sen. Jane Nelson

Sen. Florence Shapiro

Sen. Bob Deuell

Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa

Sen. Tommy Williams

Rep. John Zerwas

Rep. John Davis

Rep. Larry Gonzales

Rep.Chuck Hopson

Rep. Jim Pitts


Please call and email today! A decision may be made within days on this Amendment to forbid Texas tax monies from going to Planned Parenthood!