Adult Stem Cells to the Rescue of a Young Cancer Victim

June 2, 2011

Adult Stem Cells to the Rescue of a Young Cancer Victim

A five-year-old Texas boy is now a survivor of a virulent form of cancer, thanks to an adult stem cell transplant.

Let’s be sure that everyone really gets this: A little boy has been put into remission from a rare, aggressive brain cancer (dulloblastoma) thanks to adult stem cells in a bone marrow transplant from his ten-year-old brother.

During a seven-month stay at a Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles, the youngster was near death several times, and desperate doctors decided to try a treatment normally associated with leukemia patients, a stem cell transplant using bone marrow. And since the young boy’s own marrow was contaminated by the cancer, it could not be used. Enter big brother whose matching bone marrow literally has saved the younger boy’s life.

The transplant took place in September and by November, according to a May 29th Dallas Morning News story, they were back home in Texas.

This successful treatment is further proof of the wrong-headedness of those who are pushing embryonic stem cell research instead of adult stem cell research. ALL of the medical advances have come from the adult stem cells, which do not require the killing of a human embryo.

Reaching Aborton-Minded Women Online

Try Googling “abortion” and you are likely to get information about Planned Parenthood or other abortuaries. PP pays good money to be sure that their listings are at or near the top of the page that the viewer sees, and the viewer is usually pointed only in that one direction: WHERE TO KILL A PRE-BORN CHILD.

But there are some abortion-alternative sites that are competing for those abortion-minded women (and the men who may be forcing them in that direction). Realizing that many pro-life pregnancy centers cannot afford internet advertising, they take a somewhat novel approach: buying space at the top of “abortion” searches so that viewers can be pointed to non-abortion clinics for free sonograms and pro-life counseling.

One such site is geared to pregnant teens,, and has frank answers to many questions, including some that the viewer may not have yet considered, such as the regret which often follows an abortion.

Another pro-life resource is Their information says that over six million searches for “abortion” and related sites are typed into internet search engines each month just in America. Online for Life steers searchers to pro-life alternatives and tracks women through the entire process, beginning at the first time they search until the time they make a decision. They identify how many women have made appointments because of ads clicked on their site, and pregnancy centers follow up with the organization to tell them when a woman chooses life. They find that more than 50% of the women who made appointments through their ads keep them, and 75% of those women actually choose life for their babies. In fact, Online for Life reports that more than 50 babies have been saved using their technology, including seven in just one two-week period. And in calculating how much it costs to save one of those baby’s lives, they found that it was $676. What a bargain!