Let’s Finish the Job on Wednesday – Call Your TX State Representative Now!

June 7, 2011

Let’s Finish the Job on Wednesday —
Call Your TX State Representative Now!

TX state capitolPlanned Parenthood stands to lose at least $17 million per year in government funds if the Texas Legislature adopts the pro-life provisions in Senate Bill 7, a bill which will be considered on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, in the Texas House.

The amendment will shift the funds to health care providers who offer better services to low-income women and their families but do not provide abortions or are not affiliates of abortion providers. In a significant pro-life victory, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 7 with these pro-life provisions on Friday, June 3.

ActionACTION: Please IMMEDIATELY urge your State Representative to support the pro-life provisions in Senate Bill 7 and to oppose any hostile amendments which may be offered on the floor by Democrats.

All state legislators can be reached through the Capitol Switchboard at 512.463.4630 during business hours. Give your address, and ask to be transferred to your State Representative. Or you can find your representative at the Texas Legislature Online at http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us.


Planned Parenthood runs 14 ABORTION FACILITIES IN TEXAS, making it the state’s largest abortion provider and in past years, has received millions of Texas tax dollars through its affiliates, which are “separate” legal entities, but often share staff and facilities. THIS LEGISLATION CLOSES THAT LOOPHOLE.

Additionally, PP PROVIDES INADEQUATE HEALTHCARE FOR WOMEN AND FAMILIES and is unwilling or unable to provide comprehensive primary care services to low-income women and their families.

The Texas Legislature ended its regular session on Monday, May 30, completing the most successful session in the history of the pro-life movement in Texas. However, one of the top priorities of the pro-life movement in Texas — THE COMPLETE DEFUNDING OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD FROM TAX DOLLARS — REMAINS UNCOMPLETED.

Planned Parenthood still remains eligible to receive $17 MILLION PER YEAR or more from the Women’s Health Program (WHP), a Medicaid family planning program.

Sen. Jane NelsonFortunately, pro-life Gov. Rick Perry has called a special session to address several unfinished budget issues, including the operation of the Medicaid program. Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) has filed Senate Bill 7 that will make PLANNED PARENTHOOD INELIGIBLE FOR MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS in two ways:

  1. Instructs the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to prioritize the awarding of family planning grants to public community health centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and other providers that offer comprehensive primary and preventative care as part of their family planning services. This will SHIFT FAMILY PLANNING GRANTS FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD TO PROVIDERS WHO OFFER FAR BETTER SERVICES TO LOW-INCOME WOMEN and families. Since Planned Parenthood is not a public entity, is not a Federally Qualified Health Center, and does not offer comprehensive primary care, they will be at the bottom of the priority list. Planned Parenthood WILL LOSE $12 MILLION PER YEAR currently received for Title V, X, and XX family planning grants.
  2. Prohibits the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) from contracting with abortion providers AND THEIR AFFILIATES under the Women’s Health Program. The program will continue, and funds will be available to providers that offer better, more comprehensive health services to low-income women and their families. PLANNED PARENTHOOD WILL LOSE $17 MILLION PER YEAR from the Medicaid Women’s Health Program.

We are very grateful to pro-life stalwarts Sen. Nelson and Rep. John Zerwas who are the sponsors of this legislation, and also most grateful to our fine pro-life Governor Rick Perry who has been unflinchingly promoting the pro-life agenda in Texas, beginning with putting the sonogram bill on the fast-track and now by adding this legislation to the special session agenda.

RNC FOR LIFE PLAYED A LARGE PART IN THE PRO-LIFE SUCCESSES that took place here in Texas this legislative session. If you would like for us to continue this kind of effort both nationally and in other states, please donate to help us push for legislative victories.