Last Minute Politics May De-rail PP Defunding!

June 15, 2011

Last Minute Politics May De-rail PP Defunding!


Behind the scenes “politics” is threatening to de-rail the defunding of Texas Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, to the tune of about $17 million tax dollars each year! THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE THAT WE HAVE TO DEFUND THE STATE’S LARGEST ABORTION PROVIDER!

Some Republicans are trying to COALESCE WITH THE DEMOCRATS IN THE TEXAS HOUSE to kill SB7 as it emerges from the Conference committee onto the floor of the House on Thursday. If enough R’s are peeled off, THE BILL WHICH COMPLETELY DEFUNDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND ITS AFFILIATES IN TEXAS WILL DIE!


Call your state representative immediately and urge him/her to support the conference committee version of SB7 so that it will complete the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Use this link to send an email to your State Representative:

Find Your Member of the Texas House AND also phone their Austin office through the main switchboard at 512/463-4630. If you have their district office number, please call it as well! They will NOT get another chance to completely defund Planned Parenthood! A NO VOTE ON SB7 IS A VOTE TO CONTINUE FUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

BACKGROUND: The TX House passed three amendments to SB7 on the floor: 1) preventing hospital district funding for elective abortions, 2) regulating autologous adult stem cell banks to prevent fraud and scams, and 3) requiring increased abortion statistical reporting. All but the last one came out of committee, and efforts are being made to get the additional statistics on abortions in Texas through the appropriate agencies. IF PASSED, SB7 WILL DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND ITS AFFILIATES IN TEXAS.