Republican House Bans “Telemed” Abortion Funding

July 7, 2011

Republican House Bans “Telemed” Abortion Funding

Congressman Steve KingThanks to staunch pro-life Congressman Steve King (R-IA) for another anti-abortion victory.

Recently, by a vote of 240-176, the U.S. House of Representatives passed King’s amendment to a spending bill for the Department of Agriculture — Food and Drug Administration and related agencies which prohibits any funding authorized in the bill from being used for RU 486, a two-step chemical abortion drug which is the basis for so-called “telemed” abortions. Developed by Planned Parenthood and used for nearly three years in Iowa, this method of committing abortion is prescribed by videoconferencing.

Here’s how it works: a doctor in Des Moines or another Iowa city videoconferences with a woman seeking an abortion who is at a Planned Parenthood center somewhere in Iowa. After reviewing the sonogram images and speaking with her via the videoconference, the doctor dispenses the two-step abortion drug to her by pressing a computer button, thereby opening a drawer remotely so that the woman at the PP center may remove the pills.

About 1,900 of these “telemed” abortions have taken place in Iowa, according to Rep. King. His amendment clarifies that no FDA funding may be used to enable this type of abortion. As usual, the bill will face a stiff uphill battle in the pro-abortion, Democrat-controlled Senate.

Pro-Life Students Organize Run for Life

Run for LifeProving once again that more and more young people are becoming pro-life, Eduardo Bravo (21) and Katherine Wright (19), of San Antonio, TX have formed San Antonio Run For Life, a charity organization to help raise both funds and awareness for their local pro-life cause. The 5K race will take place on Saturday, July 16 beginning at 7:30 a.m. and will benefit the San Antonio Coalition for Life, Allied Women’s Center and the Guadalupe Home. The organization’s stated goal is to further the growth and development of these groups. They urge pro-lifers who would like to walk or run the certified course to register online at The fee is $25 until July 10, and then $30 from July 11 until Race Day. For more information, contact [email protected].

Casey Anthony and our Culture of Death

gavelCourt-followers across America were shocked this week when a Florida jury acquitted Casey Anthony of any felony charges (murder, child abuse, etc.) in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee three years ago. Many theories have been suggested as to why the jury refused to convict her, but the prevailing one seems to be that the prosecution didn’t prove its case beyond reasonable doubt due to:

  • no cause of death was proven
  • the prosecution overreached in going for the death penalty charges with only circumstantial evidence
  • due to so many television CSI-type programs, the jurors may have expected everything to be neatly tied up as on TV (unrealistic in real life courtrooms)

Whatever the reason, this baby’s now unresolved death seems to be reflective of the culture of death that has gripped our country since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. After all, if one can obtain an abortion to get rid of an “inconvenient” preborn baby with no legal ramifications, a clever liar may also be able to get rid of an “inconvenient” baby with no legal ramifications, perhaps even benefitting financially with six-figure book and movie deals. But as columnist Andy Ostroy points out in The Real Casey Anthony Verdict, in the court of public opinion, Casey Anthony will endure a life of public scorn. While we must accept the jury’s decision under our country’s rule of law, perhaps this tragedy underlines the urgent need to continue pushing the pendulum back from the culture of death in America to a culture of life.

This Will Make You Proud of the BSA

Boy ScoutsThis touching video will make you proud of the Boy Scouts of America, and of one Eagle Scout in particular, who is called an Eagle Scout for Life. Watch this video and you will see why.

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