New York Pregnancy Centers Can Stay Open — For Now!

July 15, 2011

New York Pregnancy Centers Can Stay Open — For Now!

Scales/GavelThanks to a federal judge’s ruling this week, the pro-life pregnancy centers in New York City will NOT face shutdowns or lawsuits under legislation passed by NYC earlier in the year.

In an earlier E-Notes, we reported that under this law, pro-life pregnancy centers would be forced to prominently display signs stating that they did NOT provide abortions, and to express views about abortion that, as the American Center for Law and Justice says, “… go against the very fiber of what these organizations believe or face government fines and lawsuits that would have shut these life-saving centers down.” These notices, of course, would dilute the centers’ ability to influence abortion-minded women and trample on the centers’ right of free speech.

Responding to a lawsuit filed by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the judge has issued a preliminary injunction against the law which would have gone into effect yesterday. But this is only a preliminary injunction, and though it is a major victory both for the life movement and also for free speech rights, it is only temporary. The ACLJ’s Jay Sekulow indicates that they will be continuing their efforts to make this injunction permanent.

Another Kind Of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Breaks Ground

Excellence & VirtueBELMONT ABBEY COLLEGE recently held a ground-breaking ceremony as it began building a pregnancy center that will target the most abortion-vulnerable population — college-age women. The center is expected to open within a year.

Unique in its concept, the center will include both a maternity wing and an after-care center, which will have the capacity for 15 women and their children. The residents can stay at no charge for up to two years, during which time they will take classes in life skills and attend a non-denominational Bible study. It will be operated by Room at the Inn, a Catholic nonprofit organization, and will be open both to Christians and non-Christians, as well as women who are not students at Belmont Abbey.

Interested women will undergo several weeks of counseling to discuss their goals and determine whether the center would be a good fit for them.

Belmont Abbey’s Benedictine monks donated the four acres adjacent to campus where the 10,000-square-foot center is being built. Abbot Placid Solari described the donation for this unique center as an opportunity for his community to show not only that they believe in the sanctity of human life, but also that they are willing to take concrete action to support and assist in that belief. Leading by example, Abbot Solari hopes the project will inspire other colleges and universities to consider providing assistance to their students who find themselves pregnant without support.

Latest Presidential Candidates Update

Thaddeus McCotterThe GOP Presidential hopeful field continues to grow with another candidate entering the race this week.

Congressman THADDEUS MCCOTTER (R-MI) has announced his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination. Cong. McCotter has been a reliable pro-life vote in Congress for 10 years and has signed the Susan B. Anthony List pro-life pledge. Click here to see his home-state announcement video.

Cong. McCotter’s entry into the field makes him the third sitting U.S. Representative to seek the nomination, joining Cong. Ron Paul (TX) and Michele Bachmann (MN). There has not been a Congressman elected President since James A. Garfield in 1880, though several Senators and Governors have taken up residence in the White House.

Sarah PalinGov. Rick PerryMeanwhile, former AK Gov. Sarah Palin and TX Gov. Rick Perry, both staunch pro-life conservatives, have made no announcements concerning their possible Presidential bids.




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