Texas Legislature Made Great Pro-Life Strides in 2011 Session

August 2, 2011

Texas Legislature Made Great Pro-Life Strides in 2011 Session

TX flagTexas pro-lifers can be very proud of what has been accomplished in Austin during the recent legislative sessions. Three major pro-life bills were passed: a pre-abortion sonogram requirement, the defunding of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates from Texas tax monies, and a Choose Life license plate whose proceeds will benefit pro-life pregnancy counseling centers. And already, results are becoming apparent. (Don’t miss the shocking news from Waco below!)

SB 7 Passes And Defunds Planned Parenthood in Texas!

RNC for Life’s Dianne Edmondson (right) after the bill signing with (l-r) Dr. Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life, Rep. Dr. John Zerwas and Sen. Jane Nelson (the bill’s sponsors) and Carol Everett of The Heidi Group.


“I am particularly proud of provisions that I believe will help make the 82nd Regular Session go down in history as one of, if not the, most pro-life session ever,” Senator Nelson said. “SB 7 stops the flow of tax dollars to abortion providers and their affiliates, prevents public funds from being used to pay for elective abortions in public hospitals, and promotes adult stem cell research.” The bill also achieves $500 million in savings over the next two years alone.

No PPPlano, Waco Pro-Life Activists Enjoy Victories
Over Planned Parenthood

Equally exciting are the actions of many pro-life groups across the Lone Star state. Some encouraging examples are from Waco in central Texas and Plano in north Texas.

Plano PP Facility is Closing Thanks to SB 7!

An exciting note from a small but faithful pro-life group who met weekly to pray and witness with signs in front of Plano Health Services (Planned Parenthood) reports that last week, there were large signs on the door stating that they were closing in late August due to the budget cuts by the legislature. This is a direct result of the efforts of RNC for Life and other strong pro-life organizations who tirelessly educated and lobbied legislators coupled with the strong grassroots pressure that YOU exerted on them to finally pass SB 7 in the Special Session.

Waco Pro-Lifers Have Planned Parenthood Reeling!

For more than 20 years, Planned Parenthood in Waco has promoted a half-day sex conference for 5th through 9th graders, which Waco pro-lifers feel is actually a “business development” tool. Known as “Nobody’s Fool,” the program has in years past been supported by area businesses, youth organizations and even churches that were listed on the promotional materials in order to give the sex conference legitimacy. Recently, however, Pro-Life Waco cleverly re-named Planned Parenthood as Planned Promiscuity and has taken on the August sex conference with a holy vengeance.

Since the Girl Scouts were listed as a prominent sponsor, in 2004, Pro-Life Waco began a boycott of the area Girl Scout cookie sales which resulted in the Scouts withdrawing their support of the sex conference. Building on the success of that boycott, and due to many letters, emails and phone calls from the pro-lifers, most business sponsors also have dropped off and by this year’s event, even the Camp Fire USA name and logo are not on the flyer. They hope to influence the few churches still listed to withdraw in 2012.

Their success, according to Director John Pisciotta, was due largely to contacting other non-profits and business sponsors with not only a presentation of the year-by-year record of over 15,000 abortions committed by Planned Parenthood in Waco since 1994, but also drawings from the graphic book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which was given to children at “Nobody’s Fool” from 2003-2005, and most shockingly, revealing a vile website which was produced by Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette and endorsed by Planned Parenthood Waco. WARNING: THIS WEBSITE CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND SHOULD BE VIEWED ONLY BY ADULTS!!

Thank You!Thank You for Your Support in These Legislative Victories!

RNC for Life was a major player in getting these bills through the regular and then special legislative sessions, thanks to YOU, the RNC for Life Texas supporters. Without your response to our frequent pleas for calls and emails, these strong pro-life bills would not have been passed. YOU can share in the pride of knowing that we did a good job and got good results.

If you would like for us to continue our strong presences in the Texas legislation and elective processes, would you consider donating to our efforts? Thank you again for your efforts to the cause we all serve passionately.