Abortuaries to Planned Parenthood: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

August 5, 2011

KansasAbortuaries to Planned Parenthood:
We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

Kansas had a very productive pro-life legislative session, and the pro-aborts are clamoring to try and get these laws overturned. One of the measures requires certain medical and health standards for abortuaries. Totaling 36 pages, the new regulations require, among other things, that any physician committing an abortion have medical privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. This distance requirement has helped saved women’s lives in other states when abortions are botched.

Last month, a judge blocked the licensing requirements from taking effect. Had the rules gone into effect, two of the state’s three abortuaries would have been shut down. The state’s Attorney General has declined to appeal the ruling and now the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, represented by Phyllis Schlafly’s son Andy, wants to intervene in the lawsuit and appeal the federal court ruling that temporarily blocked Kansas from imposing new licensing rules for abortion providers.

Like several other states, Kansas passed a new law which defunds Planned Parenthood, but recently a federal judge temporarily blocked the implementation of a law that would have defunded the family planning provider and forced it to close at least one of its three clinics in the state. Planned Parenthood claims that the defunding law, which blocked all Title X family planning funds to entities that provide abortions, was unconstitutional because it penalized PP for providing a legal health service and took away patients’ freedom to choose a qualified health provider. The abortion provider said that the law would have forced it to raise costs for the 5,700 low- to moderate-income women it currently serves and to close down its clinic located in Hays, Kansas.

Armed with a stinging rebuke from the Obama administration, Planned Parenthood won a legal battle against a similar defunding measure in Indiana this summer, and is now shifting its focus to a court battle in North Carolina, where GOP lawmakers recently overrode the Democrat governor’s veto of a budget bill eliminating PP funding. Wisconsin and New Hampshire defunding measures are also being evaluated by the PP legal team.

Morning after pillAre You Ready to Pay
for the “Morning After” Pill?

Thanks to the Obama administration’s edict issued this week, beginning in 2013, health insurance plans under the government-organized system will have to cover birth control as “preventive care” for women. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius also decreed that there will be NO CO-PAY for this birth control coverage, meaning that the cost of this “free preventive care” must be passed on to their customers through higher premiums.

Among the most controversial portions of the edict is that the no co-pay coverage will include the “morning-after” pill (Plan B and ellaOne) which many religious conservatives view as abortion as it can destroy a fertilized egg’s ability to grow. While religious institutions are allowed to opt out of providing birth control coverage, there is no conscience protection for medical professionals who do not work at religious facilities, according to OneNewsNow.

candidatesMore Presidential Candidates —
That You Probably Never Heard Of!

As if there weren’t enough Republicans already in the running to take on President Obama in 2012, the Maine Center for Constitutional Studies has compiled a presidential candidate scorecard complete with photos, position statements, and website links for 15 announced GOP candidates, some of whom you probably don’t know.

Included in the listing are:

BUDDY ROEMER, former LA governor (1988-1992) and Democrat U.S. congressman (1981-1988) who became governor as a Democrat, then broke with that party and was the state’s governor as a Republican. There is no mention of pro-life on his website.

California’s FRED KARGER, the first openly gay GOP Presidential candidate, is pro-abortion.

Perennial Illinois candidate ANDY MARTIN opposes mandated coverage for abortion.

JIMMY MCMILLAN’S face may be recognized by some who saw him on TV representing the “Rent is Too Damn High” party in NYC’s mayoral race. Though he has run as a Democrat in the past, he has announced as a GOP candidate for 2012. His website carries no mention of abortion.

JONATHAN SHARKEY, perennial candidate from MN recently moved to FL, says he would ban abortion; he previously has run for office on the Vampires, Witches, and Pagans Party.

Pro-life stalwarts Gov. RICK PERRY of Texas and former Alaska Gov. SARAH PALIN have not yet made formal announcements about their potential candidacies, though Perry is thought to be strongly leaning toward running.

You can check out the pro-life (or not!) views of all 15 candidates here.

RNC for Life vehemently disagrees with Alex Castellanos, a Republican strategist who says, “One thing Republicans are going to demand this election is a candidate who can beat Barack Obama. The election is all about him (Obama). A candidate who establishes his identity on the fringe, talking about social and religious issues, when the economy is going over a cliff, risks marginalizing himself, becoming unacceptable to independents and unelectable. That would be the kiss of death.

RNC for Life believes that with a growing majority of Americans identifying themselves as pro-life and opposing abortion in at least some circumstances, the “social and religious” issues will indeed be the winning edge in 2012 for candidates at all levels.