TX Gov. Rick Perry Treated with Stem Cells

August 8, 2011

TX Gov. Rick Perry Treated with Stem Cells

Gov. Rick PerryIn yet another breakthrough treatment using adult rather than embryonic stem cells, pro-life Gov. Rick Perry of Texas recently underwent spinal fusion surgery, which included the experimental use of adult stem cells, according to The Texas Tribune. Both Gov. Perry and his surgeon, Dr. Stanley Jones, oppose embryonic stem cell research and have pushed for advancing the use of adult stem cells which can be taken from a person’s own body. Dr. Jones himself reportedly underwent adult stem cell treatment last year in Japan and the infusion performed on Gov. Perry was Dr. Jones’ first such procedure. The Gov. was aware of that but agreed to the treatment after doing his own research on it.

Gov. Perry had a nagging back pain which reportedly has been helped by the adult stem cell infusion and hopes to ditch his orthopedic shoes in favor of his traditional cowboy boots soon as he prepares for a possible presidential run.

Waco, TX Pro-Lifers Have Planned Parenthood Reeling!

No PPFor more than 20 years, Planned Parenthood in Waco has promoted a half-day sex conference for 5th through 9th graders, which Waco pro-lifers feel is actually a “business development” tool. Known as “Nobody’s Fool,” the program has in years past been supported by area businesses, youth organizations and even churches that were listed on the promotional materials in order to give the sex conference legitimacy. Recently, however, Pro-Life Waco cleverly re-named Planned Parenthood as Planned Promiscuity and has taken on the August sex conference with a holy vengeance.

Since the Girl Scouts were listed as a prominent sponsor, in 2004, Pro-Life Waco began a boycott of the area Girl Scout cookie sales which resulted in the Scouts withdrawing their support of the sex conference. Building on the success of that boycott, and due to many letters, emails and phone calls from the pro-lifers, most business sponsors also have dropped off and by this year’s event, even the Camp Fire USA name and logo are not on the flyer. They hope to influence the few churches still listed to withdraw in 2012.

Their success, according to Director John Pisciotta, was due largely to contacting other non-profits and business sponsors with not only a presentation of the year-by-year record of over 15,000 abortions committed by Planned Parenthood in Waco since 1994, but also drawings from the graphic book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which was given to children at “Nobody’s Fool” from 2003-2005, and most shockingly, revealing a vile website which was produced by Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette and endorsed by Planned Parenthood Waco. WARNING: THIS WEBSITE CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND SHOULD BE VIEWED ONLY BY ADULTS!!

This year, the Pro-Life Waco two-month challenge to “Nobody’s Fool” included over 200 yard signs, seven billboards, many letters to the editor of the Waco Tribune editorial page, and a series of 10 newspaper ads. This local TV news story reports that about 400 were expected to attend, but actually fewer than 100 children showed up for the indoctrination.

The impact of Pro-Life Waco’s campaign has been so powerful that Planned Parenthood Waco has been taken over by Planned Parenthood Austin (Capital Region) perhaps in an effort to attempt to revitalize this “foolish” program. But as more and more people, organizations and businesses become aware of PP’s underlying purpose, they renounce their support for the world’s predominant abortion promoter.

Iowa Straw Poll Needs Family Values Voters

busFamily Research Council Action’s Faith Family Freedom Fund, the National Organization for Marriage and the Susan B. Anthony List are covering 1,305 miles to tour Iowa during their four-day “Values Voter Bus Tour” with events in 22 cities. The tour will be kicked off by Faith Family Freedom Fund Chairman CONNIE MACKEY on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at the state capitol and conclude at the Ames Straw Poll on August 13. Its purpose is to urge voters to select pro-family candidates in that Straw Poll.

As this E-Notes was being prepared, Presidential candidates TIM PAWLENTY and RICK SANTORUM are confirmed participants in the tour, and candidate MICHELE BACHMANN and other GOP presidential candidates are expected to join in, as well as pro-family stalwarts U.S. Reps. STEVE KING (R-IA) and LOUIE GOHMERT (R-TX). For a full schedule of the tour, visit www.valuesbus.com or call (866) FRC-NEWS.

Will GOP Candidates Be Outspent By Obama?

moneyPresident Obama has raised $48.7 million for his re-election campaign while his GOP challengers have raised a combined $36.7 million, according to OpenSecrets Blog. To learn where all that money is coming from and what this financial disparity means, click here.