Early Gender Test May Increase Abortions

August 16, 2011

baby feetEarly Gender Test May Increase Abortions

A new test which will reveal the gender of an unborn child as early as seven weeks’ gestation is now being marketed in the United States. Claiming to allow parents more time to prepare appropriately for a boy or girl, the home blood test may instead be used to increase the number of sex-selection abortions in America. Presently, most babies’ gender is not known until shown in a sonogram at about 18-20 weeks, too late for most legal abortions. Amniocentesis can also predict the gender at about 16 weeks, but that process carries an increased risk of miscarriage. Pro-life advocates fear that the earlier gender determination may lead to choosing to abort the younger babies if they are not the desired sex. Concerned about this possibility, Arizona passed a law this year banning abortions purely for gender preference. Alarmingly, sex selection abortions are routinely performed in both China and India where boys are favored over girls. Read more about this unnatural practice in the upcoming Fall issue of RNC for Life Report. Please click here to receive a free copy when it’s published in a few weeks.


TX Abortuaries Cited for Health Violations

Five Texas abortionists are being called before the Texas Medical Board in October based on allegations the Board has brought against them. Based on complaints lodged by the pro-life activist group Operation Rescue following a three-month undercover investigation of Texas abortion facilities, investigators found many violations in abortion facilities throughout Texas, including improper disposal of human aborted baby remains, illegal dumping of private patient medical information, and other violations.

“We expect that the Medical Board complaints against these five abortionists are just the first round. We continue to work with the Board on open investigations against eight others,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “These complaints show that our allegations have merit and that abortion abuses in the State of Texas are commonplace. We discovered violations at every abortion clinic we investigated.” Operation Rescue’s Investigative Report: “Widespread Abortion Abuses in Texas Exposed”

Based on Operation Rescue complaints, two of the facilities already have been cited by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality — Whole Women’s Health abortion clinics in Austin and McAllen. Should the Medical Board determine that the complaints have merit, the full details will be revealed and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken. According to Operation Rescue’s website, the Whole Women’s Health chain of abortion clinics is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation, a scandal-plagued national association of abortion clinics that have been found to be among the worst in the nation in complying with even the most basic health and safety standards.

The Texas health code violations are not unique to the Lone Star state, Newman said. “What we found in Texas is just a microcosm of the appalling conditions and horrific abortion practices that exist at abortion clinics in every state that endanger the health and safety of women each day. It’s standard operating procedure in the abortion cartel to cut corners on patient safety in order to increase abortion profits.”


OklahomaOK Court Rules in
Favor of Pro-Life Group

Oklahomans for Life had a great victory last week as an Oklahoma court ruled that the pro-life organization did NOT have to turn over their internal records — literally thousands of documents — regarding strategy, emails, letters, mailing lists, etc. as a subpoena for the abortion-industry providers had required.

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a strong sonogram bill, and Oklahomans for Life had lobbied vigorously for the legislation. The abortionists filed suit against the state to try and stop it. Included in the lawsuit was a “fishing expedition” subpoena for Oklahomans for Life internal records, intended to have a chilling effect on pro-life organizations nationwide as the abortion industry sought to use the legal system to force the pro-life organization to reveal confidential internal information. But the presiding judge didn’t buy the abortionists’ argument and blocked the subpoena.

Tony Lauinger, head of Oklahomans for Life, is relieved not just for his organization but also for the entire pro-life movement, as he explains, “By winning this battle today, we may have nipped in the bud what could be a trend by the abortion industry to try to harass pro-life advocates nationwide. A pro-abortion conference earlier this year focused its attention on the question of HOW pro-life advocates, working with state legislatures, are succeeding in passing laws defending unborn children.”


GOP Presidential Race: One Out, One In

Tim PawlentyAfter a disappointing third-place showing in Saturday’s Iowa Straw Poll, former Minnesota Gov. TIM PAWLENTY has withdrawn from the crowded field for the Republican Presidential nomination. Congresswoman MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN) polled as the top choice of Iowans in her birth-place state, while Congressman RON PAUL (R-TX) was a close second.

Gov. Rick PerryMeanwhile, in South Carolina (another one of the four early primary states), Texas Gov. RICK PERRY announced officially that he is in the race for the GOP nomination to take on President Obama, whose approval rating has dropped to its lowest ever at 36%.

Both governors are strong pro-family, pro-life advocates, but Pawlenty’s campaign never caught fire with voters, while Perry has ignited sparks of enthusiasm everywhere he speaks. It will now be up to the voters as the Primaries begin in just four short months.

The entire group of announced GOP candidates holds pro-life views, according to their public statements. Should he choose to enter the race, former NYC MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI, who is reported to be considering throwing his hat into the ring as well, would be an exception. Though Catholic, Giuliani is pro-choice.