Tonight Former PP Director Exposes Its “Weak Link”

August 23, 2011

Tonight Former PP Director Exposes Its “Weak Link”

Abby JohnsonFormer Bryan, TX Planned Parenthood abortion center director (now turned pro-life advocate) ABBY JOHNSON will expose her former employer during a huge nationwide free webcast event TONIGHT and reveal the abortion chain’s WEAK LINK! Abby discovered this glaring weakness inside America’s largest abortion operation . . . and has witnessed it repeatedly while traveling coast to coast speaking out against Planned Parenthood.

The pro-life group 40 Days for Life is sponsoring the live webcast, which promises to reveal the abortion industry’s greatest fear, how to make abortion unavailable in your community even though it’s legal, and many other crucial pro-life messages. Here are the details:

WHAT: Planned Parenthood’s Weak Link webcast with Abby Johnson

DATE: Tonight — Tuesday, August 23

TIME: 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)


Those who can’t participate in the live webcast may obtain a recording of it later, but need to register at the website above in advance of the webcast.

Finally! Life-Affirming Court Rulings
We the People

FLORIDA: Botched Abortion Consequences

FloridaIn 2004, Carol Howard, who was more than 22 weeks pregnant, was given a huge dose of RU-486 to induce the abortion. But the drug, which was given to her at 50 times the normal dosage by medical assistants at the abortuary, caused violent contractions which she was told to “walk off” outside in the parking lot or else leave. There were no doctors or nurses present, and so Howard went home but called 911, and she finally gave birth at a local hospital to a daughter who suffers from multiple disabilities related to the attempted abortion, including cerebral palsy, strokes, mental disability, lung disease and seizures, according to

Howard sued the abortionist, Dr. James Pendergraft, who reportedly has a “dynasty” of abortion mills throughout the state and the jury awarded more than $36 million in both actual and punitive damages. Disturbing as this testimony was to the jury, what was even more shocking was the testimony of a fellow abortionist who admitted that many times babies were literally delivered into a toilet and often were alive, “wiggling around in the toilet.”

ARIZONA: Pro-life Legislation Upheld

ArizonaIn a unanimous decision, an Arizona three-judge panel has ruled against Planned Parenthood and allowed to stand a newly-passed state law which has several good pro-life provisions, including requiring a personal doctor visit by women the day before getting an abortion to hear about risks and alternatives, banning nurses from performing surgical abortions and requiring parental consent forms to be notarized for minors getting abortions. The law could go into effect next month, but an appeal to the state Supreme Court could delay its implementation for as much as a year.

GEORGIA: ObamaCare Ruled Unconstitutional

GeorgiaThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit (which includes Georgia, Alabama and Florida) ruled on August 12 that the individual mandate in ObamaCare, which requires every individual to purchase government-approved health insurance, is unconstitutional.

Joining in support of the Attorneys General of 26 states, the Bioethics Defense Fund ( has filed an amicus brief on behalf of three pro-life medical associations, the Catholic Medical Association, Christian Medical and Dental Association, and Medical Students for Life, which presented a unique additional reason why the so-called ObamaCare Act is unconstitutional: Its individual mandate also imposes an “abortion premium mandate” that violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

The decision of this Appeals Court has created differing opinions from the Circuits, making a U.S. Supreme Court review very likely.

Girl Scouts Break Promise On Pro-Abortion Stance

Girl ScoutsTwo high school students who were involved in Girl Scouts for eight years are no longer a part of GSUSA. The two former Scouts have created a website to expose how the Girls Scouts USA broke its promise to remain neutral regarding birth control, abortion and political affiliations. The website,, reveals how the girls’ eyes were opened to these anti-family positions through brochures such as the one which was distributed at the Girls Only Workshop at the United Nations.

Among the many disturbing facts documented by these young ladies is a play “Simply Maria,” which is promoted as material for 4th-5th grade Girl Scouts. However, as they point out, “This play mocks childbirth, motherhood, homemaking, purity and marriage. Check out the excerpts and see if you agree . . . this is NOT a play for young girls. Why is Girl Scouts promoting by name an adult themed play, which many families find highly offensive?”

In some areas, such as Waco, TX, the local Girl Scout Councils are even “partnering” with Planned Parenthood. Pro-life Waco found that organizing a boycott of the annual cookie sale, combined with the truth about PP and its agenda, severed that partnership in their city.