We Will Never Forget!

September 9, 2011

We Will Never Forget!

As the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States approaches, many remembrance events are planned in memory of the more than 2,000 victims of that terrible attack. RNC for Life urges our supporters to attend these events and by our presence to send the message that America remembers and that we will not forget.

fetusLikewise, we must not ever forget the horrible holocaust that takes place each day with more than 3,700 pre-born infants butchered within their mothers’ wombs — nearly twice the number of victims as on 9-11-01. As we continue our efforts to educate Americans about the horror of abortion, we move closer to the day when this form of infanticide will become a thing of the past and will be only something that we remember with sadness and regret as we do 9-11-01.

Good News, Bad News, Shocking News!

First, the good news: More Planned Parenthood centers are closing due tclosedo lack of funding under state budget cuts such as in Sherman, Texas. The PP director there also resigned and appears to have had a complete change of heart, following in the footsteps of Abby Johnson, the former Bryan, Texas director of a PP clinic whose outspoken indictment of PP and its tactics has been greatly damaging to the abortion industry giant.

Other abortion facilities are being closed for failing to meet certification requirements, such as in Louisiana. According to LifeNews.com, a new Louisiana law gives the state’s Health Department more authority to close down centers such as the Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women. This abortuary failed to respond to actions the state took to revoke its medical license for repeated violations with citations which date back to January of 2010.

Bad News!

The bad news is that in other locations, Planned Parenthood is expanding its killing centers, such as in Minnesota, California and Texas. And these expansions, just as with any other business, are designed to increase the bottom line.

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) currently operates anPP here abortuary in St. Paul, MN. Additionally, its “feeder” clinic in Rochester, MN has begun committing chemical abortions (commonly known as RU-486 abortions), the first time that abortions are being performed other than in its St. Paul abortuary. This comes on the heels of the construction of its new mega facility where the doubling of abortions will be attainable, the expansion of abortions into the second trimester (up to 17 weeks) at its Highland Park, MN abortion mill, and increasing the number of abortions to a new record high of 4,033 in 2010. State statistics bear out that their “business expansion plan” works: The latest Minnesota Department of Health report reveals that while abortions have continued to decline in Minnesota to the lowest levels since 1975 (11,505 in calendar year 2010), PPMNS was the only abortion provider to increase its number of abortions, and this is the eleventh straight year of increases for PPMNS.

In the far west, teen “clients” are given a special room and access through the facility’s back door. A nurse practitioner at the Watsonville (CA) Health Center, described Planned Parenthood’s motive for its teen-exclusive room as wanting to be “sensitive” to its teen patients’ desire for “confidentiality.” According to an article in the Watsonville Patch, the nurse practitioner said, “… teenagers are welcome to knock on the backdoor of the clinic and be ushered into the private youth space, which includes a comfy couch, teen-friendly literature and an educational video playing on a loop.” Another example of targeted marketing to improve the bottom line!

Fort WorthMeanwhile, in north Texas, Planned Parenthood is replacing its existing Ft. Worth facility with a new structure three times the size of the current one. The $6.5 million complex will include a larger family planning center, an administrative office and, of course, an abortuary. Texas also has the dubious distinction of being home to the largest abortuary in North America near Houston.

According to the director of a north Texas pro-life pregnancy center, “The understanding is that the PP strategy will close smaller facilities and focus on building mega centers, in order to present themselves as ‘comprehensive reproductive healthcare’ providers and align themselves with the plans for Obamacare.” Such a strategy might also give PP a “loophole” to try and thwart Texas’ successful efforts to deny state tax funding to the nation’s largest abortion business.

Shocking News!

policeShocking legislation was recently passed and signed in Illinois: Abortion personnel are now required to report to authorities suspected cases of child molestation, just as other medial personnel are required to do. Seems pretty straightforward and not unusual, right? But according to Penny Pullen of the Life Advocacy Resource Project, until this year not one pro-life bill has even cleared a legislative committee in the past decade in Illinois due to what she calls the “unholy alliance between the abortion industry and the ruling party,” which of course is the Democrat party. This shockingly good news may be a harbinger of even more good news in the 2012 elections. In order to assist with the hoped-for outcome, Penny’s group is offering a Winning With Life candidate seminar in late October. Interested pro-life candidates may contact her at lifeadvocacy.com.

We Need PAC Funds to Elect Pro-Lifers!

Pro-LifeIn the last election cycle, RNC for Life PAC contributed thousands of dollars to dozens of Congressional races and we were successful in many of those pro-life campaigns. However, helping elect those strong life advocates depleted our PAC funds, so with another critical election cycle approaching, we need to replenish the treasury. If you want to see more stunning pro-life victories in November 2012, WE MUST START NOW to identify and assist the strongest pro-life challengers both in the U.S. House and Senate.

You may donate a maximum of $5,000 per year to our PAC, and EVERY donation helps us help pro-life candidates. Please click here to donate. Thank you in advance for your help. Together we can elect a veto-proof Congress!

Presidential Hopefuls Wednesday Debate

candidatesIf you didn’t see the Wednesday night GOP presidential debate, you may want to watch it by clicking here. Be aware that it’s nearly two hours long.  The Life issue was never brought up by the debate’s moderators. However, all  the candidates at the debate claim pro-life credentials but some have a better track record than others. Most pundits agree that the front-runners are Perry and Romney at this point. But it’s still early and anything can happen in the season of election madness!