Pro-Life Activist Priest Suspended from his Pro-Life Ministry

September 25, 2011

Pro-Life Activist Priest Suspended
from his Pro-Life Ministry

Father Frank Pavone

Father Frank Pavone

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, is one of the most respected and effective leaders in the Pro-Life movement today. Yet as of Sept. 13, he has been suspended from active ministry outside the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas by his Bishop Patrick J. Zurek, allegedly over financial questions regarding his New York City-based ministry. The financial reporting of Priests for Life is overseen by the 21 bishops and cardinals who serve on its advisory board. Those reports also have been submitted to Bishop Zurek.

Father Pavone is the person responsible for whisking Baby Joseph out of Canada when a hospital there refused to perform a tracheotomy to keep the infant alive, insisting instead on removing his ventilator tube, which quickly would have resulted in his death from a progressive neurological disease. A Catholic hospital in St. Louis accepted Baby Joseph, performed the operation and last April, the boy was breathing on his own and released to go home with his parents. For more details on Baby Joseph, go here.

Many pro-life organizations are standing with Father Pavone, who is described as one of the most effective advocates for life within the pro-life movement. He has stated that he receives no remuneration either from Priests for Life or the Amarillo diocese. However, he does receive what he describes as “small expenses” for his ministry and his residence from the organization. He told that he was perplexed by this demand to limit his pro-life activities and has appealed to the Vatican, an action that effectively suspended the Bishop’s action under Catholic canon law. However, Father Pavone says that he intends to be obedient to the bishop and return to Amarillo until the matter can be settled. For more details, go here.

Take ActionACTION: Catholic readers may wish to call Bishop Zurek at 806-383-2243 and urge him to reconsider this action against Father Pavone.


40 Days For Life Begins Next Wednesday

40 Days for Life

Twice a year, spring and fall, devoted pro-lifers gather to peacefully pray and fast for 40 days keeping a constant vigil outside abortuaries throughout the world. The fall 2011 vigils will begin next Wednesday, Sept. 28 and run through Sunday, Nov. 6, according to Shawn Carney, campaign director.

He reports that more than 300 cities will see participation in this campaign, including 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico here in the United States. Abroad, campaigns will take place in England, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Germany as well as in Canada. Nearly 50 of these locations will be launching their first ever campaigns.

Carney reports that since the spring campaign ended, two additional abortion facilities have closed, Pensacola, FL and Forest Grove, OR, bringing the total to 16 such facilities which have shut down as a result of a 40 Days for Life vigil.

If you would like information on a vigil in your location, visit for an interactive map with all 301 locations and directions on how to become involved.

Canadian Woman Strangles Her
Newborn But is Set Free

Katrina EffertIn a shocking recent decision, a Canadian judge has ruled that a mother who strangled her newborn child could walk out of the courtroom a free woman, with a three-year suspended sentence.

Six years ago, at age 19, Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada secretly gave birth in her parents’ bathroom, then strangled her newborn son with her orange thong underwear and threw his body over a fence into a neighbor’s yard. Though juries twice found her guilty of second-degree murder, both convictions were thrown out by the appeals court. In 2009, the court overturned her murder conviction and replaced it with a lesser charge of infanticide. (One has to wonder: Why is it a lesser charge to kill an infant?)

More recently, Justice Joanne Veit of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench ruled that Canada’s lack of an abortion law means that Canadians don’t want such murderers punished, saying that “while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support.”

Although the Crown in its prosecution had sought four years imprisonment (one year short of the maximum set by law), the judge handed down a three-year suspended sentence for the murder of that newborn boy and Ms. Effert walked from that courtroom a free woman.

Campaign Season Begins — We Must Send More
Pro-Life Candidates to Washington, D.C.

capitolThe 2012 elections offer pro-lifers the opportunity to strengthen the pro-life majority in the U.S. House, but more importantly to seat a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate, which has unfailingly blocked all pro-life legislation passed by the lower chamber. The importance of doing this cannot be overemphasized, and with 23 Senate seats up for election in 2012, we can make it happen. But it will happen only if we can identify and fund the pro-life candidates through our RNC for Life Political Action Committee.

We helped dozens of good pro-life candidates last election cycle and our PAC coffers are nearly empty. Will you help re-fill them so that we can make a difference in next year’s critical primaries and general election? Please click here to donate. Thank you for your help and watch our website as we post the results of our updated candidate questionnaires.