Same-Sex Unions Threaten Faith-Based Adoptions

October 4, 2011

Same-Sex Unions Threaten Faith-Based Adoptions

DEFENSE OF MARRIAGEMany pro-lifers believe that adoption is the loving option to abortion, providing that innocent child with a complete God-designed family unit. In fact, many adoptions are arranged through faith-based agencies. But due to recent legislation legalizing same-sex unions, many of those agencies find themselves shut out of the adoption business due to their religious beliefs concerning homosexuality and the so-called “marriages” which then lead to adoption of children.

How is this possible? Last summer, the Illinois legislature legalized same-sex civil unions, but supposedly included “religious protections” for those with deeply held religious beliefs. However, those protections are not working as the two top-rated adoption services in the state are being forced either to place children in homes with same-sex couples or face losing their contract with the state. Since the law passed, both Catholic Charities and the Evangelical Child and Family Agency are ending their services, according to Focus on the Family. For more details, watch their CitizenLink interview here.

The Illinois situation is NOT an isolated incident. Faith-based agencies in Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. also have suspended adoption services because of the legalization of same-sex marriage or civil unions.

We urge our readers to be vigilant concerning similar legislation in your own state and be aware that legalizing same-sex marriage/civil unions does affect the loving pro-life option of adoption.

Pro-Life Victories Abound With 40 Days For Life

40 Days for Life

Columbia, MO participants continue their series of successful vigils.

Victories are already occurring during the annual 40 Days for Life prayer vigils which started September 28 and will run through November 6. More than 300 locations around the world, including about 48 “first-timers,” are a part of this year’s event, according to Shawn Carney, campaign director. And at Grand Rapids, Michigan, a baby was saved within the first hour of the vigil.

Another victory happened almost a week before the vigil even officially began! Continuing its record of discouraging abortionists, The 40 Days for Life team in Columbia, Missouri holds its vigils outside a Planned Parenthood center that is the only abortion location between St. Louis and Kansas City, and the week prior to the vigil’s official start, the abortionist quit! Director Carney reports that Planned Parenthood in Columbia has gone through six different abortionists during the past two and a half years — and so this facility has gone months at a time with no abortions — including times during the 40 Days for Life campaigns.

Despite what we pro-lifers normally expect in the way of media coverage, in Amarillo, Texas the local CBS affiliate covered the 40 Days for Life kickoff in Amarillo and gave a very accurate description of the typical vigil: “While they prayed and sang songs, several also shared their testimonies, because they’re not just pushing to end abortion, but to also heal those who have had one.” You can view this news report by using this link.

Participants in these vigils represent the entire spectrum of the pro-life movement: various races and ethnicities, different faiths, senior citizens to toddlers. To find a 40 Days for Life vigil near you, check their website:

Thank God For Young Pro-Lifers!

young pro-lifersThis talented Louisiana musical group is L’Angelus. Their music has been described as “enchantingly beautiful Cajun music with a lush, almost Gaelic quality.” They have performed at many churches and youth events, recently completing a six-week European tour, including Ireland, Norway and France, which culminated with a performance in Madrid at World Youth Day. At that event, 1.5 million young people from all over the world cheered this group, waving their countries’ flags and cheering their pro-life message. Hear their poignant song, “Jenny, Change Your Mind” which is a strong testimony to the sanctity of life by clicking here.

What About the “Less Than Perfect”
Unborn Child?

There are many who claim that a disabled child shouldn’t be born, to spare the child a “hopeless life” and advocate abortion in those circumstances. Take a look at this video with such a person and see what he thinks of his life. It will uplift your spirit!

We Need PAC Funds to Elect Pro-Lifers!

Pro-LifeIn the last election cycle, RNC for Life PAC contributed thousands of dollars to dozens of Congressional races and we were successful in many of those pro-life campaigns. However, helping elect those strong life advocates depleted our PAC funds, so with another critical election cycle approaching, we need to replenish the treasury. If you want to see more stunning pro-life victories in November 2012, WE MUST START NOW to identify and assist the strongest pro-life challengers both in the U.S. House and Senate.

You may donate a maximum of $5,000 per year, per person to our PAC, and EVERY donation helps us help pro-life candidates. Please click here to donate. Thank you in advance for your help. Together we can elect a veto-proof Congress!