Things for Which Pro-Lifers are Thankful

November 23, 2011

ThankfulThings for Which Pro-Lifers are Thankful

November is Adoption Month

Many churches and other pro-life organizations are promoting adoption as the loving option to abortion, according to Life Advocacy Research Project. In marking National Adoption Month, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council Action cites the late Steve Jobs, classic author Charles Dickens and baseball hero Babe Ruth as examples of those who were “adopted as a child and grew to live a productive and notable life.” Life Advocacy’s Penny Pullen suggests that, “In this age of diminished respect for preborn life and uncertainty about adoption, citing such examples will reach some who are on the fence, as we ask them to contemplate the world without those familiar human icons having been given a chance at life. For that matter, what would we have done without Jesus, adopted by Joseph and certainly the most celebrated ‘inconvenient’ Conceptus of all.”

Many Abortuaries are Closing Nationwide

closedPlanned Parenthood abortuaries are closing across the country, either permanently or temporarily, as state after state passes strong legislation mandating sonograms, waiting periods and strict medical standards for the facilities. Here are a few examples:

MISSSOURI: The Missouri affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business has decided to close an abortion-referral clinic it operated in Jefferson City, the state capital, and it will merge the facility with its Columbia office. The Columbia abortuary has been shuttered, at least temporarily, as its abortionist has been called into active military duty. Read more here.

TEXAS: For nearly 20 years, the Waco PP committed weekly abortions but for the last several weeks, none have taken place, although, according to Pro-Life Waco, PP appears to be instituting a new schedule which will give women a week between their pre-surgical consultation with the abortionist and the actual abortion. In Ft. Worth, a similar cessation has taken place due to the retirement of the longtime “circuit rider” abortionist. Smaller abortion facilities throughout the state are said to be struggling as well.

CALIFORNIA: Eve Surgical Center in Los Angeles was first run by Dr. James McMahon, who had no specialty training and boasted that he “developed” the Partial Birth Abortion method, later training other abortionists in the grisly technique. However, now the telephone message for the infamous abortuary says that the business which has been killing babies since the 1980s is now closed.

ILLINOIS: A notorious abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois, is asking the state for permission to resume killing unborn babies, but one pro-lifer says that even if that request is granted, he doesn’t think the facility will be open long. Read full details from OneNewsNow here.

Planned Parenthood Drops Challenge to Arizona Pro-Life Bill

ArizonaAccording to OneNewsNow, Planned Parenthood has ended its legal attack on Arizona’s “Abortion Consent Act,” which had been held up in court since signed into law in September 2009. The law, argued before the Arizona Court of Appeals in mid-June, prohibits non-physicians from performing surgical abortions and provides for women to be fully informed with accurate information on abortion including possible consequences 24 hours in advance. In addition, it protects health workers who object to participate on religious or ethical grounds and requires notarized parental consent for minors seeking abortions. More details here.

Pro-life Movie “180” Reaches Hundreds of Thousands

Late last month, over 180,000 copies of this pro-life movie were given away at 100 of America’s top universities. This month thousands more were given to students outside Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Burbank High Schools in California. More than 250,000 copies of the DVD were sold within a month of its release.

After the Anti-Defamation League criticized “180,” a movie that unequivocally compares the murder of millions of Jews and others in the Holocaust to women having abortions in the United States, Ray Comfort, the Jewish creator of “180” said, “There’s no hatred, prejudice or bigotry in ‘180.’ It’s an award-winning movie that opens with 14 people (mainly college students) who have no idea of the identity of Adolf Hitler. Clearly the American education system has failed these kids. This is a movie that educates young people about the horror of the Jewish Holocaust.” The film also skillfully equates the Nazi Holocaust with the abortion holocaust taking place today. You can view the 33 minute movie that changes minds in 30 seconds here.

Pennsylvania “House of Horrors” Staff Plead Guilty

gavelThe horror of the filthy, grisly abortuary operated in Philadelphia by Dr. Kermit Gosnell shocked the entire nation, and as the various defendants make their way through the justice system, many of them are pleading guilty to criminal charges. Justice is finally being done for the many victims of this evil man and his associates. For more details, click here.

Finally, RNC for LIFE is very thankful for each of you, our passionate readers, for your commitment to our cause. We wish all of you and your families a very blessed Thanksgiving Day.