Talk Live To Presidential Candidates Tonight!

December 27, 2011

callTalk Live To Presidential Candidates Tonight!




Four Republican candidates for the nation’s high office including Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Senator Rick Santorum, Speaker Newt Gingrich and Gov. Rick Perry have confirmed their participation in the interactive Presidential Pro-Life Forum on Tuesday night at the 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. CST event. Live calls will be taken where callers will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Presidential candidates and give instant feedback to thoughts and ideas shared. The program will also be heard live on Steve Deace’s nationally-syndicated radio show on the Salem Network. To participate, please register here.

The other GOP presidential candidates seeking the GOP nomination to defeat pro-abortion President Barack Obama have been extended invitations to join those who have already confirmed.

Presidential Candidate Scorecard
scoresOn Pro-Life, Pro-Family Issues

The Family Research Council has released a new Voters’ Guide for pro-life and pro-family voters that compares the Republican presidential candidates on various issues, including abortion and bioethics concerns. To review the entire GOP Presidential Candidate scorecard, go here. reports that among the topics covered are several pro-life issues:

ABORTION: On the question of “Do you support or oppose taxpayer funding of abortions?” FRC has all seven remaining Republican candidates listed as opposing direct taxpayer funding of abortions.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: When it comes to providing taxpayer funding for the nation’s biggest abortion business, six of the seven Republican candidates are listed as opposing federal funding. Jon Huntsman’s position is listed as unknown, although he recently told Red State (likely after the guide was compiled) that he would veto any congressional legislation that contains Planned Parenthood funding.

HUMAN CLONING: It is on bioethics issues that FRC begins to delineate differences between the Republican candidates with the question, “Do you support or oppose federal legislation prohibiting human cloning of all kinds, both ‘therapeutic’ and ‘reproductive’?”

Bachmann, Perry, Romney and Santorum are listed as supporting such legislation. But Gingrich is listed as opposing such a bill, citing a 2006 Discover magazine interview saying, “I would not seek to ban research on stem cells in fertility clinics.”

FRC lists Huntsman’s position as unknown on human cloning. FRC lists Ron Paul as having a “mixed” view on human cloning — while he opposes the practice, his ‘states rights’ approach would rule out support for a federal ban.

STEM CELL RESEARCH: Another pro-life issue covered in the Family Research Council guide is stem cell research and Bachmann, Paul, Perry and Santorum are listed as opposing federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

Gingrich is listed as “mixed” on the subject — having given past interviews saying he could support it and then recently issuing a statement in opposition. Huntsman is listed as “mixed” as well — with past interviews saying he would support it and saying this year he would not.

With Presidential primaries looming within the next few weeks in several key states, it is very important for pro-lifers to be fully informed before casting their votes.

mangerA stunning pro-life Christmas video has been produced by the Irish pro-life organization “Youth Defense.” Featuring not only the Christ Child but also stunning imagery of an unborn child in the womb, the video reminds that “The wonder of Life . . . is part of the Christmas story and every human story since life began.” View this powerful video here.

We at RNC for Life hope that each of you had a blessed Christmas with your families and we thank you for your support in 2011 of our shared cause: Life. We look forward to working with you in 2012 to achieve even more successes for Life.