NYC Trying To Close Pregnancy Centers

February 8, 2011

NYC Trying To Close Pregnancy Centers

With New York City recently garnering the dubious distinction of being the “Abortion Capital of America” with its 41% ABORTION RATE of all pregnancies, (see Feb. 2 E-Notes) one would think that the City’s leaders would welcome assistance in dropping those numbers.

But the City instead is attempting to put AN ONEROUS BURDEN ON ABORTION-ALTERNATIVE CENTERS, forcing them to post on their doors, waiting room walls and advertisements a statement that they do not perform abortions or provide referrals, do not distribute FDA-approved contraceptives or provide referrals, and post when a physician is not in house.

The penalties for failure to comply include being shut down for five days after three violations, STIFF FINES, AND JAIL FOR UP TO SIX MONTHS for those who do not comply with the shut-down order. Similar requirements would NOT be made of abortion facilities.

Other cities, such as Austin, TX and Baltimore, MD have tried to enact similar measures. However, a federal JUDGE STRUCK DOWN THE BALTIMORE MEASURE in a suit brought by the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore.

MINORITIES OVERWHELMINGLY HAD MORE ABORTIONS, with about 60% of black pregnancies ending in abortion. Yet, at a public hearing in NYC, abortion advocates hypocritically accused the abortion alternative centers of targeting minorities. They complained of these centers’ locations opening near their long-standing abortion clinics in New York’s minority neighborhoods.

You can read more about the actual genocide against minorities which is being carried out in the nation’s abortuaries in the Spring RNC for Life Report. To get a FREE COPY of the current Report, click here.

Next Election Targets: Pro-Abortion Senators

The U.S. Senate last week voted NOT to adopt the House bill to repeal ObamaCare. In STRAIGHT PARTY-LINE VOTING, the Democrat-controlled Senate showed once again that it is out of step with the American public and that even the so-called “pro-life” senators are not willing to stand up to the President and repeal this bill which indeed will provide abortions with tax monies.

Voters will remember that vote in the 2012 SENATE ELECTIONS IN WHICH 21 DEMOCRAT SENATORS AND 2 INDEPENDENT SENATORS (who caucus and vote with the Democrats) are up for election, along with 12 Republicans.

Our goal is to get a PRO-LIFE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY IN THE SENATE to complement the one we hold in the House. To do that, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please let us know of candidates for the U.S. Senate in your state so that we can contact them about their Life views and records. It would be helpful to have each candidate’s name, website and email address if possible. Thanks in advance for your help!