Planned Parenthood Helps Pimp

February 2, 2011

Planned Parenthood Helps Pimp Access
Abortions for Underage, Illegal Sex Ring;
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Planned Parenthood pays lip service to following state and federal laws regarding sex crimes which come to their attention due to minors or others seeking abortions. But in reality, these LAWS ARE OFTEN INTENTIONALLY DISREGARDED. A courageous group of young people, Live Action, has conducted some “sting” operations regarding PP’s practices, and their latest one in New Jersey has PP reeling.

A video, shot secretly (you can watch it here), catches PP in the very act of AIDING AND ABETTING HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND FORCED PROSTITUTION OF WOMEN AND GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 14, when the NJ clinic manager assures a pimp that his “girls” can have secret abortions. These girls are underage victims of sex trafficking and the manager knows that full well, but is willing to violate the law and provide the abortions at PP or refer to another site which will.

Planned Parenthood is in a panic, issuing denials and denouncing the actions, as this outrageous pattern of law-breaking will surely add fuel to the Republicans’ determination in Congress to STRIP FEDERAL FUNDING FROM PP. Many states are also considering de-funding PP, and this expose’ will be of great help to those legislatures as well.

You are invited to be a part of the FREE LIVE WEBCAST THURSDAY NIGHT to learn exactly what happened and what can be done to curtail the more than $363 million in federal funds last year. You do not have to pre-register to join in the live webcast, which will feature the courageous young President of Live Action, Lila Rose, and leaders of the pro-life movement.