Baby Joseph Rescued In Covert Weekend Mission

March 14, 2011

Baby Joseph Rescued In Covert Weekend Mission

Baby Joseph and his father In a covert operation straight out of a thriller movie scene, 13-month-old BABY JOSPEH HAS BEEN RESCUED FROM A LONDON, ONTARIO HOSPITAL AND TRANSFERRED TO A MISSOURI HOSPITAL where efforts to keep him alive will not be labeled “futile.” Under cover of darkness, Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, arrived in Ontario, Canada Sunday night to rescue Baby Joseph Maraachli from the London Health Sciences Centre, according to Christian Newswire.

Baby Joseph, who is suffering from a terminal illness, was flown along with his father, Moe Maraachli, to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, MO using a specially equipped air ambulance which was provided by Michigan-based Kalitta Charters, sponsored and funded by Priests for Life of New York City.

Baby Joseph’s PARENTS HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO CONVINCE THE CANADIAN HOSPITAL TO PERFORM A TRACHEOTOMY so they can bring him home to die, so supporters of the Maraachli family have been helping them find a hospital that will accept him as a transfer and perform the procedure so he can go home. The Canadian hospital wanted to remove his breathing tube without performing the tracheotomy, which would bring about his imminent death in the hospital, but his family wants the boy to be able to die peacefully at home with his family.

“I knew, after this dragged on day after day, that I needed to be here myself to get Baby Joseph to safety,” said Father Pavone. “He needs to be in a hospital that cherishes life over the bottom line. After around-the-clock negotiations, this really became a race against time.” Father Pavone was accompanied by New York-based Priests for Life staff, who were there to assure the transfer proceeded smoothly after TWO WEEKS OF STALLING BY THE CANADIAN HOSPITAL.

“Priests for Life staff toiled through the night for many nights, working in concert with dozens of people to make this possible,” Father Pavone said of the nighttime rescue mission.

Young Adults Want Planned Parenthood Defunded

Young Adults Want Planned Parenthood DefundedThis awesome video We Are The Youth will renew your faith in the younger generation of pro-lifers who also are dedicated to the sanctity of Life. Please pass it on to every young person you can so that more will step up and speak out. These young adults — and the rest of the pro-life movement — are being BETRAYED BY THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS WHO HAVE STRIPPED THE DE-FUNDING PROVISIONS from the current Continuing Resolution (which expires this week!) for funding the government’s operations.

What Budget Cuts Does the Latest Continuing Resolution Actually Contain?

phoneHouse Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) had said HE DIDN’T WANT THE BILL TO CONTAIN LANGUAGE DEFUNDING PUBLIC BROADCASTING OR PLANNED PARENTHOOD, WHICH WERE INCLUDED IN THE LONG-TERM CR PASSED BY THE HOUSE, BECAUSE IT WOULD RUN INTO TROUBLE IN THE SENATE. It does not address cuts in ObamaCare funding or its automatic funding which has recently come to light. In fact, THE CR CONTAINS SUBSTANTIAL FUNDING FOR ALL OF THESE PROGRAMS THAT CONSERVATIVES WANT TO ELIMINATE. In other words, these are not serious budget cuts and are designed primarily to appease the Senate Democrats and to ensure that they won’t put up a fight against this weak CR bill.

Clearly, the Republican Leadership in the House has no stomach for a real budget fight with the Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “I am glad that we were able to come to an agreement with Republicans on a three-week continuing resolution made up of cuts already proposed by Democrats that will also be free of any ideological, special-interest legislation.” Clearly again, a victory statement by Senate Democrats! You can read more details of this “cave in” CR here at Real Clear Conservatives.

Take ACTION: Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative and urge them to stand up to the Democrats and restore the Planned Parenthood de-funding to this CR. Congress soon will vote on another seven-month CR to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. Pro-lifers need to flood Congress with phone calls (202-224-3121) and email them to demand that the Pence amendment be included in the next CR.