40 Days for Life Spring Campaign to Begin Worldwide Next Month

January 9, 2012

40 Days for Life
Spring Campaign to Begin Worldwide Next Month

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life, the highly successful prayer vigil campaign promoted twice annually, is preparing to start its Spring campaign stretching from February 22 – April 1. These campaigns have saved more than 5,000 pre-born babies, mobilizing more than half a million people around the globe including not only the United States and Canada, but also communities in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belize, Denmark, England, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Puerto Rico and Spain. At least 19 abortion facilities have shut down and 61 abortion workers have quit their blood-stained jobs. If you would like to have this prayerful and non-confrontational project in your community, applications must be completed online or postmarked by Tuesday, January 10. Complete information is here.

Pro-life Tim Tebow Targeted by Pro-Abortion Blogger:
Touchdowns for Abortions!

Tim TebowThe pro-aborts never seem to run out of ideas to promote their murderous views and mock or degrade those of faith-based pro-lifers. The latest targets Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow whose pro-life views are well-known. This crazy scheme asked for donations to pro-abortion causes each time Tebow’s team scored a touchdown during a recent game. Super Bowl fans may remember the controversy surrounding the ad two years ago which featured Tebow and his mother, who chose not to abort her pregnancy even though it may have presented a health challenge to herself. To read more about this bizarre pro-abortion fundraising scheme, go here.

Cal Thomas’ Tribute to His Deceased Down Syndrome Brother

Cal ThomasConservative columnist Cal Thomas has just lost his younger brother, Marshall, who was born in 1950 with Down Syndrome. Read his touching tribute “My Brother’s Valuable Life” here.

If you did not see the RNC for Life Report featuring the disturbing trend of aborting pre-born Down Syndrome babies, you can read it here online or ask for a FREE copy here.

Why Should You Run For National Convention Delegate?

Several states select their Republican National Convention delegates by placing delegate candidate names on the same primary ballot as the Presidential candidates. There are 18 states in which the period to file as a National Convention delegate has not yet closed. If you are in one of these states, please consider running to become a National Convention delegate, or encourage another strong pro-life, pro-family patriot to do so. Several of these states’ filing deadlines are nearing, so time is of the essence if you live in one of the states below. You can get more information on our website.

MARYLAND (1/11/12 – Cong. Dist. Del. ) COLORADO (4/1/12)
PENNSYLVANIA (1/24/12 – 2/14/12) NEW JERSEY (4/9/12)
WEST VIRGINIA (ends 1/28/12) ALABAMA (4/14/12 – At Lge. Del.)
NEW YORK (1-31/12 – 2/21/12) MARYLAND (4/14/12 – At Lge. Del.)
PUERTO RICO (2/17/12) VERMONT (4/30/12)
RHODE ISLAND (2/22 AND 2/23/12) MISSISSIPPI (5/1/12)
UTAH (3/21/12) ARKANSAS (5/7/12 – 5/21/12)
SOUTH DAKOTA (3/27/12) IDAHO (5/22/12)
NORTH DAKOTA (3/26/12) INDIANA (5/22/12)
OREGON (5/31/12)

It is very important that pro-life, pro-family delegates control the National Convention to protect our strong national platform, particularly those planks dealing with the life and family issues. The current GOP positions on abortion, embryonic stem cell research, end of life issues, traditional marriage, parental rights, etc. must be preserved and our eventual nominee must be held accountable to those positions. It’s also possible that there will be more than one candidate left in the field by the time the August convention takes place; so our delegates also may have the opportunity to actually decide who will carry the Republican banner in November. Full details on filing to become a delegate can be obtained from your state GOP Party headquarters. Details on states selecting delegates at caucuses or conventions will be provided in a later E-Notes.