Wednesday Night: SC Pro-Life Forum will Feature 4 of 5 GOP Presidential Candidates

January 17, 2012

Wednesday Night: SC Pro-Life Forum will
Feature 4 of 5 GOP Presidential Candidates

candidatesAccording to Christian Newswire, four of the five remaining Republican presidential candidates will participate in tonight’s Presidential Pro-Life Forum in South Carolina. With former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman’s announcement that he is bowing out of the race, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is left as the only candidate who has not responded to the request. Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich have confirmed their attendance. The event was virtually sold-out within hours of tickets being released to the public. Read more here.

End of Life Document Respects Sanctity of Life

Health Care Power of AttorneyChristian Life Resources invites you to obtain the “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care — Christian Version” document (as well as the corresponding explanatory supplement), both of which are available for each U.S. state and two Canadian provinces. The “Durable Power of Attorney” document allows you to designate a person to serve as your health care agent, gives you the opportunity to choose the kind of treatment or care you want provided in the event you cannot make those decisions on your own, and includes a Christian witness to your faith and to the sanctity of human life.

Go to now to receive a FREE downloadable copy of this legal document (and its correlating explanatory piece).

Girl Scout Employee Cannot Wear Pro-Life Shirt

Girl ScoutsThe Girl Scouts, which have already come under fire for numerous links to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and having pro-abortion speakers at their recent national conference, are under fire again, according to

It reports that an Arizona college student, employed by the Girl Scouts, has quit her job after scouting leaders informed her she could not display her pro-life beliefs on her tee shirt. Read the entire story here. Remember this and the GSA links to Planned Parenthood when you are asked to buy Girl Scout cookies during their current fundraising drive.

Defund Planned ParenthoodDid Your Senators and Representatives
Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood?

You can check this website to see if your federal legislators voted for or against the Pence Amendment last year: The site also shows who has signed the Defund Abortion pledge. Additionally, you can check who takes money from the abortion industry by clicking on the Blood Money tab. Soon our website,, will have information that shows our pro-life ratings of sitting U.S. Senators and House Members based on key pro-life votes, plus candidates who have responded to our questionnaire. We plan for that information to be available by Feb. 1.

Hollywood Starlet Pushes Planned
Parenthood’s False Talking Points

Hollywood’s left-leaning propaganda continues in a recent Glamour magazine article in which Maggie Gyllenhaal parrots Planned Parenthood’s inaccuracies, claiming that “more than 90 percent of these centers’ services are in preventive care; 3 percent are in abortion care.” Yet, according to The American Thinker, she conveniently omits the fact that “abortion procedures made up 91 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services for pregnant women” in 2010. That huge percentage of PP’s services resulted in nearly 330,000 abortions last year alone. It’s time to call “Cut!” on this kind of false information.