Alabama Supreme Court Rules Viability Not Necessary to Protect Pre-born Child

February 24, 2012

Alabama Supreme Court Rules Viability
Not Necessary to Protect Pre-born Child

AlabamaIn a stunning decision that some pro-lifers feel may ultimately lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Alabama Supreme Court threw out a DeKalb Circuit Court summary judgment in favor of the defendants that held the wrongful-death action could not be maintained because the unborn child was not viable.

In his ruling, Judge Thomas Parker called into question the Roe v. Wade decision as having an “erroneous” conclusion in citing that pre-born humans have no rights as “persons,” noting that since the infamous 1973 ruling, dozens of cases been decided in favor of the babies “regardless whether the injury occurred either before or after the point of viability,” including one such ruling from his own court in 2011 regarding Alabama’s wrongful death law.

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Abortionists’ Medical Abuses Exposed in New Website

abortion clinicsA new website has been launched by Pro-Life Nation and Operation Rescue to catalogue nearly 1,000 documents and expose the largely unknown abuses such as botched abortions, forced abortions, abortion-related deaths, illegal dumping of baby remains, and other abuses or illegal activities within the 724-member abortionist community:

With encouraging statistics for the pro-life movement, the site also reveals that about 70% of the surgical abortuaries have closed during the past two decades. New information is being added daily.

Planned Parenthood “Mischief of the Week”

Defund PPThere is such a wealth of information exposing Planned Parenthood’s immoral practices that we have decided to highlight one each week. When you discuss defunding PP with your elected officials and sphere of influence, you can use these examples to help demonstrate that our tax dollars shouldn’t be going to this left-leaning deceptive organization which is really about so much more than “women’s health.”

Here is this week’s mischief which shows that the Komen Foundation isn’t the only organization that PP bullied (see last week’s e-notes for details): According to, a food pantry in Green Bay, Wisconsin . . . Read the full story here.

Important Presidential Primaries Next Tuesday

Both Michigan and Arizona have their Presidential primary elections next Tuesday, and the race appears very tight between former Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Rick Santorum in both states. Close on the heels of Tuesday’s election comes the following week’s Super Tuesday, March 6, when ALASKA, GEORGIA, IDAHO, MASSACHUSETTS, OHIO, OKLAHOMA, TENNESSEE, VERMONT and VIRGINIA all will hold their Presidential primaries. Former Sen. Santorum and former Speaker Newt Gingrich will not appear on the Virginia ballot due to failure to meet the deadlines to do so. Arizona is a winner-take-all state as far as allocating its 29 delegates, while the others allocate theirs proportionate to each candidate’s votes with Congressional Districts and statewide. Thus, no candidate can win all the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination until May or possibly even June — IF then! As long as the four candidates remain in the race and continue to split delegates, this process could end up undecided as the GOP National Convention convenes in Tampa the end of August.

If YOU would like to try to become a national delegate for that convention, check our website for information on how to proceed. Please let us know if you are selected as a delegate from your state.