Attention Super Tuesday Voters: Please Support Rick Santorum!

March 3, 2012

Rick SantorumAttention Super Tuesday Voters:
Please Support Rick Santorum!

RNC for Life urges our readers in all the Super Tuesday Primary or Caucus states (Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming) to vote for Rick Santorum. (Neither Sen. Santorum nor Speaker Gingrich will appear on the Virginia ballot.) While all four major GOP nomination candidates are pro-life to some extent, we feel that Sen. Santorum is the candidate who is strongest and most consistent in his record of preserving the sanctity of life. His dedication to pro-life, pro-family values is demonstrated both in his personal life and in his voting record, which is why we are endorsing him for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Killing Newborns “Perfectly Acceptable” ??!!

newbornsHard to believe, but two prominent “ethicists” from Italy and Australia have published a highly controversial paper “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” which promoted the idea that “both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons[;] the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people.” So, these two “ethicists” have concluded that murdering not only pre-born but newborn babies should be perfectly acceptable. Read more here.

MA Court Orders Forced Abortion

MassachusettsIn January, a Massachusetts court ordered a 32-year-old pregnant woman, known as Mary Moe, not only to abort her pre-born child, but also to undergo forced sterilization when her parents and doctors filed a petition with the local courts asking for the power to force her to get an abortion. The woman, who is Catholic, suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder and did not want to abort the baby.

Amazingly, Justice Christina Harms not only granted the petition, she went a step further, advising the parents to do whatever was necessary to force the abortion upon their daughter and unborn grandchild, even including “coaxed, bribed, or even enticed . . . by ruse” along with directing that Moe would be sterilized without her permission.

Fortunately, an appeals court struck down the ruling following a public outcry, but the earlier decision should alarm pro-lifers, as it follows the direction that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wanted to take our country, as she recommended forced sterilizations in order to “cut down production of its least desirable members.” According to a story from the Population Research Institute, forced sterilization was regularly practiced on racial minorities and those considered mentally unfit until fairly recently, with the last known forced sterilization in the United States taking place in 1981. Read the full story at

Along those same eugenicist lines, is reporting that Planned Parenthood’s release of a new video, “A Vital Service,” during Black History month is “nothing short of an infomercial” for PP’s continuing seduction of black women into their abortion facilities. Read more here.

Planned Parenthood “Mischief of the Week”

Planned Parenthood just couldn’t stand to lose the millions of Texas tax dollars that went away when the Lone Star state passed a bill which took away from PP and its affiliates the state’s Medicaid dollars designed to provide preventative health services to low-income women and instead would deliver the funds to other state-approved health service providers who did NOT perform abortions. So PP turned to its best friend, the Obama Administration, who has denied Texas any Medicaid funds for low-income women unless they go to Planned Parenthood! Read the government’s letter HERE. It apparently is of no concern to the PP apologists that there are only a few dozen such PP facilities in Texas, compared to more than 1,000 non-PP health providers who will help these low-income women.

Planned Parenthood bullied Komen Foundation into a flip-flop on their funding of the world’s largest abortion mill, and now they are trying to bully Texas Gov. Rick Perry into ignoring the law and renewing funding to Planned Parenthood. Gov. Perry is holding firm so far, but let’s encourage him to continue to do so.

Take Action!ACTION: Use this link to contact Texas Gov. Rick Perry and encourage him in his stand of insisting that the law which defunds Planned Parenthood and its affiliates be followed in Texas, despite the bullying by PP’s friends in the Obama Administration: Select the option to register your opinion, or you can phone his office and leave a comment as well. Thanks!