$1.00 Abortions Coming Soon to a PP Center Near You!

March 19, 2012

$1.00 Abortions Coming Soon to a PP Center Near You!

It’s official — just as the pro-life Members of the House and Senate (and most national pro-life groups) predicted, ObamaCare will mandate abortion coverage in all insurance policies. Cong. Chris Smith (R-NJ) has issued a news release detailing the $1.00 abortion coverage surcharge all insured persons will be charged, as well as the secrecy surrounding the surcharge required in the recently released Obama Administration’s Rule. So as you are forced to buy health insurance under ObamaCare, your premium will be surcharged at least $1.00 to pay for the abortion-on-demand coverage insurers will be forced to provide!

House Republicans have passed several strong bills which would have prevented this egregious use of your money from occurring, but the “Demoncrat”-controlled Senate has not even considered those bills thanks to Majority Leader Harry Reid. Reid, who once claimed to be pro-life, needs to hear from the American public about his arrogant refusal to bring the “Protect Life Act” to the Senate floor. Is he trying to protect the 23 pro-abortion senate seats up for election this year from public exposure of their anti-life views prior to the November election? Please sign our petition to demand that the Senate Majority Leader put H.R. 358 to a vote! And please urge your pro-life friends to do the same. Once you have signed the petition, you may share the petition with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons provided. Thanks!

Pro-lifers to Rally on March 23 for Religious Freedom

At noon on Friday, March 23, concerned citizens across the country will gather outside federal buildings to rally in defense of religious freedom and to stand up against the Obama Administration’s recent Health and Human Services Mandate which is being imposed on religious employers. Defenders of religious liberty report that the mandate will require employers — including Catholic schools, hospitals and other institutions — to provide free contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacient drugs through their insurance plans, which would be in direct opposition to their religious doctrines. For information on locations throughout the country, go here.

GOP Presidential Nomination Process
May Go to Tampa Convention

With the recent wins by Sen. Rick Santorum, it becomes more and more likely that no one will lock up the GOP Presidential nomination prior to the Tampa National Convention in late August. So who the National Convention delegates will be has become extremely important, as it may be those delegates who actually select the Republican standard-bearer. For information on how YOU can become a delegate yourself or help make sure that solid conservatives represent YOUR state at the convention, visit our website or, for more details, request a FREE copy of the recently published RNC for Life REPORT here.

Let’s Go to the Movies!

Amidst all the Hollywood “blockbusters” to which you wouldn’t dare take your children and probably would blushingly wish you hadn’t even gone yourself, there are some bright spots now and then. October Baby and doonby are two such exceptions and pro-lifers are urged to attend and support them. October Baby will be in theaters on March 23, and is an amazing film. Most young people struggle with the normal growing pains of self-discovery. October Baby capitalizes on that universal question but with an unexpected twist: the film’s heroine is an abortion survivor who discovers that fact as well as learning that she was adopted at about the same time. October Baby is an excellent tool for pro-lifers to use in reaching high school and college students. Its various plot twists will appeal to the young adults and the pro-life message is effective but not “hit them over the head” which might be a turn-off for some. Get more details here.

Doonby is in limited release, and is not your typical pro-life film. Rather, it’s a compelling story about a mysterious drifter who shows up in a small Texas town and seems always to be at the right place at the right time. According to Kristen Walker, “You wonder where it’s going, but even if you know it’s a pro-life movie, you’re surprised, delighted, and moved by the way it ends.” Starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard and Smallville), Ms. Walker concludes, “I thought I had considered abortion from every angle, but the way this film concluded made me consider things I hadn’t before, and even though I had guessed a little of the ending before it happened, the way it was done still managed to surprise me.” Visit the doonby official website for more information.

“The Esther Call” to Host Tens of Thousands of Women

The first ever national, all-women’s gathering will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 6, 2012. “The Esther Call,” an All Women’s Solemn Assembly, will host tens of thousands of women from across America to come and stand for life in our nation. According to the event’s organizers, post-abortive or not, women of all ages are invited to come and stand with our nation’s mothers, sisters, and friends to pray for life and the ending of the shedding of innocent blood in our land. Named after Queen Esther, who was given the signet ring by the King to act as magistrate of his authority, women will leave “The Esther Call” solemn with a fresh resolve to defend life and work toward the abolition of the shedding of innocent blood. For more information contact [email protected]

Planned Parenthood “Mischief of the Week”

Expose Planned ParenthoodWell, in Lubbock, Texas, Planned Parenthood really got caught “with their pants down” — literally! The CEO and President of Lubbock’s PP organization was arrested earlier mid-afternoon last Monday for exposing himself at some youth baseball fields. See the television coverage here. It is reported that he no longer works for the PP organization.