Election Day Today in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. — and the Race To Become The Republican Nominee Is Not Over!

April 3, 2012

voteElection Day Today in Wisconsin, Maryland and D. C. — and The Race To Become The Republican Nominee Is Not Over!

The Presidential Primary season continues today in the above states. We urge our readers not to put much stock in the numbers being put out by major media sources. Those numbers are NOT the official numbers recognized by the Republican National Committee as having been certified by the states. For example, as of today, of the 1,144 needed to win the nomination, contrary to what is being reported in the media, the four major candidates’ totals are: Romney leading with 483, Santorum is next with 192, Gingrich is third with 133 and Paul has 26. Additionally, 353 delegates are uncommitted. These numbers will change after today’s elections, but please realize that the major media are “projecting” some totals based on their own analysis, but the only numbers that count are the official, certified ones from the RNC.

Thus, as many pundits predict, it is quite possible that no candidate garners the 1,144 delegates needed prior to the National Convention. If that scenario occurs, then the SECOND (or possibly even later) ballot may well be the one to decide who our nominee will be. Pro-life conservative Morton Blackwell, who is the longest-serving member of the Republican National Committee and a member of its Rules Committee, recently explained how this might happen.

Check our website www.rnclife.org for details on becoming a delegate in your state, and please let us know if you plan to run for National Delegate by using this form.


Sonogram Demonstration May Help Pass Idaho Bill

sonogramA live sonogram demonstration on several pregnant women was part of the lobbying efforts of pro-lifers who gathered at the Idaho state capital recently. Idaho law currently gives women seeking an abortion the option of viewing an ultrasound sonogram. The proposed legislation would make the sonogram mandatory. The bill has passed the state Senate and the House is expected to take it up as well. To learn about the reaction of the 150 people watching the ultrasound, go here.


Expose Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood “Sneaks” New Abortuary into Southwest Ft. Worth

Both a Ft. Worth, Texas adoption agency and building subcontractor got an unpleasant surprise recently when they learned that a mammoth Planned Parenthood abortuary would be constructed next door to the Gladney AbortuaryAdoption Center. When Gladney sold the land several months ago, it was to a third party who did not reveal that Planned Parenthood would be the ultimate owner. Moreover, upon finding out that a PP abortuary was what was being built, at least one subcontractor walked off the job, citing his religious beliefs. In fact, even though construction is progressing daily, there is no sign indicating what the building’s bloody future will be. PP admits to keeping the public and neighbors (which include churches and a school) in the dark, deliberately not posting any occupancy signage, citing concerns that the construction crew might be distracted by any picketing or demonstrations about the $6.5 million facility which will be triple the size of their current north Texas abortuary. PP admits to committing more than 6,000 abortions at the smaller facility in 2010. See the television coverage here. The contractor is the DeMoss Company, which builds many houses of worship, and whose past clients include both Catholic and Southern Baptist churches. Some of those past customers are now demanding that their names be removed from the contractor’s list of references.


Britain13-Year-Old British Girls Secretly
Implanted with Contraceptives

Across the Atlantic, disturbing reports have surfaced from the United Kingdom that girls as young as 13 are being implanted with birth control devices at their schools without their parents’ knowledge, let alone parental consent! There is no accurate number of how many young teens may have been implanted with the contraceptive device, which sits just under the skin. The proponents claim the deceptive practice will lower teenage pregnancy rates, but parents are understandably up in arms about being kept in the dark about the project and not giving permission for their minor daughters to be fitted with the device. More details here.


EasterFinally, we would like to wish all of our readers a very blessed Easter or Passover as we celebrate these sacred holidays with family and friends this weekend.