“Christian” Churches Praying to Continue Abortion?!

April 18, 2012

“Christian” Churches Praying to Continue Abortion?!

abortionUnbelievable but true — so-called “Christian congregations” in California’s Humboldt County are mocking the sanctity of life by imitating the successful 40 Days for Life prayer vigils which saved nearly 700 babies during its recently ended Spring campaign. To see which denominations (partnering with the local Planned Parenthood affiliate) are involved in this program of praying to continue abortion, click here.

While there is no prayer suggested for the innocent lives savagely taken in abortion facilities, on Day 33, participants are asked to “offer a prayer of remembrance for abortion providers who lost their lives because of their commitment to women.” (Read PDF here.) There are also specific prayers for abortionists both current and future, abortion workers, women who should not feel ashamed because of an abortion, ad nauseam.

Humboldt County is located in beautiful northwest California, about 225 miles north of San Francisco, with a population of about 130,000 and is home to 71 churches, including several Catholic, Baptist, Bible, Church of Christ and Mormon congregations.

Take Action!We urge the leadership of these other churches, most of which are pro-life in their doctrinal beliefs, to publicly rebuke the pro-abortion churches and stand strong for life. If you wish to contact a specific Humboldt County church and encourage them to take a pro-life stand, use this link.

China’s “One-Child Policy” Brutally Claims Two Lives

China babyThe anti-life policy in China limiting couples to only one child frequently forces abortion on women carrying their second child. This disturbing photo taken on March 23, 2012, shows a full-term baby who was brutally pulled from his protesting mother’s womb, then thrown alive into a bucket of water and drowned at the feet of one of those participating in this murder. The injuries to the mother caused her death as well. Full details here.

October Baby film gaining fans

In complete contrast to the above stories, an encouraging life-affirming movie “October Baby” is doing well and has been put into wider release since it opened several weeks ago. This is a movie your teens and almost teens should view with you to learn — in a non-preachy, entertaining film — the sanctity of life and the unintended consequences of abortion. Click here to watch a trailer and find a theatre near you.


Presidential Politics Update: Conservative Unity Needed

White HouseWith Rick Santorum’s campaign suspended, the time has come for pro-life, pro-family voters to unite behind candidate ABO: Anyone But Obama. Each of us has had our favorites on the Republican side, and each of them has shown to be a less-than-perfect candidate in some way. Is there even a perfect candidate out there? Probably not.

But unless the Republican base — the pro-family, pro-life, constitutionalist activists like YOU and ME — unite behind whoever the ultimate Republican candidate is, we will NOT be able to remove from office the most pro-abortion President in the history of our country. Knowing that the next president probably will appoint 2 to 4 Supreme Court Justices and that those appointments will change the philosophical complexion of the SCOTUS for a generation, we must begin to focus on the desired result — making Obama a one-term president — rather than on the reasons we don’t like this Republican candidate or that one.

Save the U.S. Senate!

Vote Pro-LifeAs important as regaining the White House is to the pro-life movement, we must not overlook the fact that without a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate, no pro-life legislation will pass. The last two years are a perfect example: The U.S. House has passed many strong pro-life measures — from preserving the conscience rights of medical professionals and religious institutions to defunding Planned Parenthood — but these bills hit a brick wall in the Senate known as Majority Leader Harry Reid. To break this deadlock, we must elect several true pro-life Senators and we have identified the key races from among the 23 pro-abortion Democrats who are up for election or retiring this November. To learn more about our plan, read the current issue of our RNC for Life Report. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to receive a FREE copy, please click here. The U.S. Senate and House candidates that RNC for Life is endorsing are shown on our website.

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